What Happens if You Get in an Accident While Driving for Lyft?

What Happens if You Get in an Accident While Driving for Lyft?

Lyft is a popular rideshare app that allows passengers to get where they need to go and helps drivers make extra income. But what happens if you get in an accident while driving for Lyft?  

Accidents do happen, even to the most careful Lyft drivers. Unfortunately, if you were in an accident while driving for Lyft, things can get complicated. There are many complex insurance and coverage issues that Lyft drivers must face after an accident, but, luckily, they don’t have to face them alone. A Lyft accident lawyer can help you navigate insurance issues and a lawsuit if necessary.  

Lyft drivers are not employees  

Lyft drivers are Lyft employees. Instead, they are independent contractors. This classification may seem trivial, but it makes a huge difference when it comes to Lyft taking responsibility for accidents that happen while drivers are working. Independent contractors are responsible for any accidents that happen, while employees are generally covered by a company’s insurance.  

By classifying drivers as independent contractors, Lyft can avoid liability for car accidents in some cases, but luckily not in all.  

Is the Accident Covered by Lyft?  

Whether or not the accident is covered by Lyft depends on when the accident occurred. There are 3 distinct periods in which coverage is different: 

  • Period 1 – In period 1, you are driving on your own personal time. In other words, you are in period 1 whenever you are not logged into the Lyft app. If an accident occurs in this period, you are under your personal insurance.  
  • Period 2- Period 2 is when you are waiting for a ride request, meaning you are logged into the app but are not engaged in a ride request. Lyft covered accidents in period 2 up to $50,000 per person, $100,000 per accident, and $25,000 for damaged property. 
  • Period 3 – In period 3, you are driving in an active ride request. Period 3 lasts from the moment you accept a new ride to when you drop off that passenger. If an accident occurs during period 3, Lyft offers up to $1 million per accident in coverage.  

What to do After the Accident  

There are a few important steps you must take if you are in an accident when driving for Lyft.  

  1. Seek medical attention for any injuries. Call 911 if necessary.  
  2. File a police report either at the scene of the accident or at the police station. This is an important step to protect yourself from any future litigation from passengers or other drivers.  
  3. Exchange information (license plates, name, number, insurance information) with the other driver.  
  4. Document the accident by taking photos of both vehicles, the scene, and other important details. You can also write down what you remember from the event while the details are still fresh. Gather the contact information of any witnesses.   
  5. Report the accident to Lyft on their website, app, or through their helpline.  
  6. Call your insurance company. Contact your personal insurance if the accident was during period 1, or Lyft’s insurance if the accident was during periods 2 or 3.  
  7. Get in touch with a Lyft accident attorney for additional guidance or to help you determine if you have a potential personal injury case.  

Ellis Can Help  

The ins and outs of the laws surrounding Lyft and other rideshare companies can be very tricky. There is no need to try and get through the aftermath of a Lyft accident all on your own. Ellis Injury Law has the resources and experience you need to make the right choices after your accident. We can help you investigate contributing factors, find evidence, negotiate with insurance companies, file paperwork, and even cover upfront expenses.  

Our expert lawyers can not only get you the compensation you deserve but can also help you get justice and potentially prevent something bad from happening to someone else. Contact Ellis Injury Law today to schedule a free initial consultation and discuss your options.