What Disqualifies You From Driving for Lyft?

What Disqualifies You From Driving for Lyft?

There are a variety of requirements for prospective Lyft drivers. These requirements disqualify a wide range of prospective drivers. Unfortunately, that does not guarantee that unsafe drivers are never successful in joining the driver community. In some cases, a driver that meets all the minimum qualifications will lead to a dangerous vehicle collision. 

These collisions have the potential to cause substantial bodily injury. If you have been injured by a careless Lyft driver, you have the right to seek compensation. A Los Angeles Lyft accident lawyer could assist you with recovering the compensation you need to put your life back together.  

Understanding the nature of Lyft driver qualifications could assist you in your pursuit of compensation. Below, we discuss the major requirements for driving for Lyft.  

Age and license requirements 

The age requirement is one of the first ways a driver could be disqualified for driving for Lyft. There is not a uniform minimum age for serving as a Lyft driver, though. Every state is different, and many cities also apply their own age limits. In California, the general rule is that a driver must be at least 25 years of age to serve as a Lyft driver. However, that limit is lowered to 21 in the following cities: 

  • Los Angeles 
  • Orange County 
  • Inland Empire 
  • Silicon Valley 
  • San Francisco 

In addition to the age requirement, state law also has license requirements for all Lyft drivers. A driver must have a valid California license – even if it is a temporary license. Active duty military and their spouses are allowed to drive for Lyft in California with out of state licenses.  

Vehicle requirements 

A driver must also have a vehicle that meets minimum standards. This starts with the age of the vehicle. In Los Angeles, all Lyft vehicles must be the model year 2006 or newer. This requirement is more relaxed in other parts of the state, however.  

The vehicle must also have four doors that seats between 5-8 people counting the driver. Taxi cabs and stretch limousines may not be used. The vehicle must be in good working order and not titled as salvage.  

Driving History 

Many states, including California, require drivers to have held a valid license for at least one year. Lyft will also complete a DMV check for a prospective driver’s record. This check will look for moving violations and criminal convictions. Lyft will automatically disqualify applicants with: 

  • More than three moving violations over the past three years 
  • One or more major moving violation, like reckless driving 
  • A DUI conviction in the past seven years 
  • A driving-related felony in the past seven years 

The background check process continues perpetually. This means that not only could drivers be disqualified during the application process, they could also face expulsion from Lyft if they receive a disqualifying conviction while in the program.  

Criminal background check 

Lyft also performs a criminal background check based on the applicant’s social security number. If the driver fails to provide a valid SSN, they are automatically disqualified. This background check review state and federal court records to identify drivers: 

  • On the National Sex offender Registry 
  • That has been convicted of a violent crime like murder or robbery 
  • That has been convicted of a sex offense like rape 
  • That has been convicted of terrorism 
  • That has been convicted of certain fraud or drug crimes in the previous 7 years 

In addition, certain cities and states apply more rigorous background check requirements. Like with traffic offenses, Lyft will continuously monitor its drivers through regular background checks. A driver could be expelled from the program if a disqualifying conviction turns up during the check.  

When Lyft cannot prevent an accident 

Despite their efforts, Lyft may still allow dangerous drivers into the fold unknowingly. This includes reckless motorists and dangerous individuals. If you suffer an injury at the hands of a Lyft driver, you have the right to seek compensation. This compensation could come in the form of an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit. In either case, Ellis Injury Law looks forward to reviewing your claim and discussing your options with you. Schedule a free consultation today.