Is Lyft Dangerous?

Is Lyft Dangerous?

Modern rideshare companies like Uber or Lyft provide a new way to get around – often for less money than the cost of a cab. Despite the cost and convenience of logging in to an app and ordering a car, there are some dangers that are associated with Lyft and other rideshare companies. While most people arrive at their destination safely, it could be helpful to understand the risks that could come with climbing into a Lyft. 

The bad news is that there are circumstances where you could suffer an injury during a Lyft trip. From car accidents to criminal acts, these injuries could have substantial consequences on your life. The good news is that you could have the ability to seek compensation for your injuries. A Los Angeles Lyft accident lawyer from Ellis Injury Law could review your case and advise you of your options.  

Injury in an accident 

The most obvious danger of riding in a Lyft is the risk of an accident. Accidents are commonplace and Lyft drivers are involved in them constantly. Your driver is not a professional and might have little experience navigating the streets in your neighborhood.  

Car accidents are a significant risk to your health no matter who is driving. According to the CDC, more than 33,700 fatalities occur in accidents every year. When you ride with an inexperienced or reckless Lyft driver, your risk of suffering permanent or life-threatening injuries increases substantially.  

Criminal acts 

Another risk related to riding in a Lyft is the potential of being a victim of crime.  It is true that Lyft does background checks on their drivers, but these checks are never foolproof. What’s more, it is possible that a driver with no criminal record could prove to be a serious threat to your safety. It is not uncommon for passengers to report acts of violence, sexual harassment, or worse.  

While the potential for a criminal act from a Lyft driver is real, there is another possibility that should be considered. Given that Lyft vehicles come in countless varieties, it is not uncommon to mistake the wrong car for your ride. While these mistakes happen, some of them can be provoked. Allegations of predators posing as Lyft drivers have become common, including a California investigation that could involve dozens of victims. The serious safety risks from the scam are clear.  

Spread of disease 

Most people likely consider the possibility of suffering an injury in a crash any time they order a Lyft. Vehicle accidents happen every day therefore this risk is no secret to most people. Not as many people consider the other health risks that could come with taking a Lyft ride.  

Remember: these are not professional drivers. Lyft drivers are regular people with regular lives, not a company. There are no regulators checking their cars or supervisors ensuring they follow a regular cleaning schedule. The end result is that the car you climb into could be filthy.  

If prior passengers or even the driver has been ill recently, every inch of the vehicle could be covered in germs. Door handles and seat belt latches are touched by every person that gets in the vehicle, and the odds that they are sterilized before you enter are slim. Given these issues, there is always a chance of contracting an illness. 

How an attorney could help 

If you have suffered injury or illness due to your time in a Lyft ride, you could be entitled to monetary compensation. In many cases, the robust insurance policy that comes with an active Lyft ride could act as the source for your compensation. However, this coverage is not always available. When insurance will not pay, your next option could be a civil lawsuit against the responsible party.  

At Ellis Injury Law, we believe you deserve to make use of rideshare apps, like Lyft, without fear of injury or assault. If you have been injured during a Lyft ride, we look forward to helping you get the compensation you deserve. Call right away to schedule a free consultation with Ellis Injury Law.