Is Being a Lyft Driver Safe?

Is Being a Lyft Driver Safe?

Any time you get behind the wheel of a car, you open yourself up to certain risks. Severe vehicle collisions occur every day throughout Los Angeles and each time you drive, you expose yourself to those risks.  

That said, working as a Lyft driver includes some additional risks that most drivers do not experience. While accidents can still happen to you, there is also the unpredictable factors that come with having strangers in your car. Lyft passengers can be intoxicated, confused, or even violent. Not only could they increase the risk of a collision, but they could also serve as the source of potential injury.  

While Lyft claims to take steps to protect their drivers, injuries still occur. Below are some of the important steps you can take to avoid harm while acting as a Lyft driver. If injuries do occur, let an L.A. Lyft accident lawyer from Ellis Injury Law evaluate your case. They could provide you with important guidance on how to maximize your financial recovery.  

Check passenger ratings 

Most of the attention on Lyft’s rating system is on the drivers. However, these ratings go both ways. Not only do riders rate the drivers; the drivers can also provide a score for their passengers. This rating could provide the best idea of what to expect from the person getting into your car.  

For the most part, a rating of five stars out of five is not only the best score but also the most common. When a rider has a score of four or below, it could be a significant warning sign. Being selective about your prospective passengers could go a long way toward keeping you safe.  

It is also important to report any issues you might have with suspicious, aggressive, or dangerous riders. Not only could a low score remind you not to pick them up again but it could also warn other drivers of potential risks.  

Keep your vehicle in proper working order 

While being selective in picking your passengers is important, external factors are more likely to result in an injury. Car accidents can happen at any time, but they are especially common if you fail to properly maintain your vehicle. Worn brakes, low fluid, or bald tires could increase your chances of a dangerous crash.  

Avoid fatigue 

If you are like most Lyft drivers, your use of this app is intended to bring in supplemental income. This can mean long hours or late nights. It is important to never let fatigue increase your risk of an accident. After all, fatigued driving has many of the same effects as consuming alcohol. To protect yourself and your riders, take plenty of breaks and get enough rest. Ensure that you tend to your personal needs, which includes staying hydrated and getting enough to eat.  

Comply with traffic laws 

In many cases, you will be under pressure to arrive at a destination on time. Whether you are rushing to a pick-up or trying to drop off a hurried rider, time is often of the essence. No matter how limited your time is, it is never worth it to violate the rules of the road. Not only will speeding or running red lights put you at risk of an accident but you also could face a potential ticket if you are pulled over. In the long run, complying with traffic laws could go a long way toward ensuring you stay safe.  

Contact an experienced injury attorney 

Sometimes, injuries are unavoidable when driving for Lyft. Whether you are the victim of an assault or are involved in a crash, you could be entitled to monetary compensation for your injuries.  

At Ellis Injury Law, we have experience fighting for the legal rights of injured rideshare drivers. We are prepared to carefully evaluate your case and advise you on your chances of financial recovery. Whether your best option is filing an insurance claim or proceeding with a lawsuit, we can help guide you through the process. To discuss your options in detail, call Ellis Injury Law right away to schedule a free consultation.