Los Angeles Lawyer Gets $1 Million Dollar Settlement

July 19, 2013

Ellis Law Corporation

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In cases where a child is involved, a righteous indignation occurs within oneself. And for attorney, Justina Ramon, that’s exactly what occurred, leaving only one purpose in mind: ensuring a result which would afford the child with the necessary resources to address his special needs and the best opportunity for a successful future.

On the night of his delivery, the child’s mother was prepped to deliver through a cesarean section. The baby was 3 months premature so the recognition of delivering this baby with extreme caution should have been resoundingly clear to each of the involved physicians and staff.

Nevertheless, when the doctor began to cut the mother’s uterus in order to remove the baby the doctor cut too deep, resulting in a large and deep laceration to the baby’s scalp. As a result, surgical repair to the baby’s scalp was needed, as well as, a blood transfusion due to the loss of blood, antibiotics to avoid infection, radiology scans and prolonged hospitalization.

The mother and baby sued and under the careful leadership of her attorney, Justina Ramon, the matter was settled for a sum over $1 million dollars. The child, who is now three years old, is receiving the care and treatment he requires in order to address his ongoing needs to ensure a bright future.

It was Justina’s passion, arguments and relentless perseverance that led to the settlement. While by no means do these monetary settlements ever truly compensate these victims suffering or loss; the settlement provided a sense of justice and alleviated expenses and costs brought on by the accident.