Los Angeles Fire Attorney: 2 Hospitalized in West LA High-Rise Apartment Fire

October 18, 2013

Ellis Law Corporation


Firefighters with heavy equipment climbed stairs to battle an 11th-floor West LA high-rise apartment fire that sent two people suffering from smoke exposure to a hospital.

Details regarding the victims’ conditions were not immediately available, but firefighters said the injuries are not considered life threatening.

The fire broke out just before noon inside an 11th-floor unit at 11740 Wilshire Blvd, the 25-floor Barrington Plaza. The fire was isolated to one two-bedroom unit — built in 1961, it was not equipped with a sprinkler system — on the 11th floor and knocked down in about one hour.

Firefighters responded to several reports of individuals stranded in stairwells. Previous reports indicated three people had been hospitalized, but that figure was later updated to two people.

Residents in some floors above the burning unit did not respond to alarms and leave the building, said Brian Humphrey, of the Los Angeles Fire Department. They might have been exposed to smoke.

“In a fire like this, the most important thing is to know your exits,” said Humphrey.

Firefighters with heavy equipment strapped to their backs climbed stairs to reach the burning unit. An LAFD helicopter also responded to the site and landed on a helipad at a nearby high-rise building.

Some residents on floors below the fire were asked to shelter in place, said Armando Hogan, of the LA Fire Department. The tactic keeps stairwells clear so firefighters have a path to the fire.

“We have to hike up stairs to get to that floor with equipment that weighs upwards of 100 pounds,” Hogan said.

Details regarding a cause were not immediately available.

Wilshire Boulevard was closed from San Vicente Boulevard to Bundy Drive. Several firefighting vehicles were parked along the busy route west of the 405 Freeway.

More than 180 firefighters responded to the location from stations throughout Los Angeles.

Fire Related Property Damages

California property owners are no strangers to the risk of fire damaging their property. When wildfires occur, a land owner’s property may be burned or suffer smoke damage along with neighboring properties. Individual properties may also be at risk of fire damage due to faulty electrical wiring, lightning, arson, or other sources. No matter how a fire started or how extensive the damage, the Los Angeles property damage attorneys at Ellis Law are prepared to assist a property owner as soon as possible after the damage occurs.

Professional Legal Ability

A fire that damages property can result from one of any number of sources. If a fire takes place, it’s important to find qualified professionals who can examine the property and the damage and determine both the cause of the fire and what repairs may be required. Property owners may need to move quickly to address any problems on the property or add additional protection from fires before more losses accrue. Insurance companies may be slow to respond to fire-damage-related claims, particularly if a wildfire has damaged many properties in the area, or may rush through examination of the damaged property without truly examining the extent or causes of the damage.

In California, a property owner who experiences fire damage is expected to mitigate the loss caused by the damage. Mitigating damages may mean taking steps to prevent additional damage or taking steps to stop already-present damage from becoming worse. At Ellis Law, our knowledgeable California property evaluation attorneys can help property owners organize and complete the many tasks involved after a fire occurs. We can help property owners:

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