What Type of Evidence Is Helpful to E-Scooter Cases?

What Type of Evidence Is Helpful to E-Scooter Cases?

If you have suffered a serious injury in an E-scooter accident, you could have a viable claim for monetary compensation against the person or entity that is responsible. This is true if you were injured by a negligent driver, a malfunctioning scooter part, or even another E-scooter rider.  

Suffering an injury in and of itself will not lead to compensation. You must first establish that a negligent act was responsible for your injuries. Additionally, you will need to prove how severe your injuries were in order to obtain the compensation you are entitled to. To prove both of these factors requires evidence.  

There is a variety of evidence that could be useful in an E-scooter accident case. A consultation with an experienced E-scooter accident lawyer could inform you of the type of evidence that could help with your claim.  

Witness testimony 

One of the strongest forms of evidence in an E-scooter accident trial is the testimony of an independent witness. When a claim is contested, the parties generally each have their own account of how the accident occurred. When an independent witness is available, a jury might give significant weight to their testimony if they appear objective.  

Witness testimony is not infallible. Some witnesses struggle with testifying in open court, while others have bad memories. Witness preparation is one of the most important aspects of your attorney’s job.  

Medical records 

If you are pursuing compensation for your medical expenses or pain and suffering, a crucial part of your case will be establishing the severity of your injuries. This typically starts with your medical records. Your records can be used to not only show how devastating the accident was but also how much compensation you could be entitled to.  

In addition to the records, you will also need the testimony of a doctor to explain them. This is typically the doctor that treated your injuries or evaluated you in person.  

Expert witnesses 

Doctors are not the only experts that might testify in an E-scooter injury case. If the accident you are involved in was complex, you might require the assistance of an accident reconstruction expert to show the jury that you were not at fault.  

If your injury resulted from a mechanical failure or defect, you might need to call an expert witness that could explain how the defect caused the crash. Often, these expert witnesses are engineers familiar with the construction of an E-scooter.  


Photographic evidence can also sway a jury. This evidence can be useful in many ways. For starters, images of the damaged E-scooter could give the jury context with how severe the crash was. Photographs of your injuries could also give the jury insight into the severity of your losses. If you are pursuing compensation for damaged personal property, photographs of the destroyed items might also be used at trial.  

E-scooter parts 

In cases involving defective parts, it may be necessary to use the part or the E-scooter itself as evidence at trial. Many juries will want to see the item or vehicle for themselves, even if they do not understand the nature of the defect itself.  

Cellphone records 

Many E-scooter accidents occur due to inattentive motorists. When these motorists cause an accident due to being distracted by a cellphone, their phone records could be used as evidence. Mobile phone providers keep records down to the second in many cases, providing you with a glimpse of the actions they were taking at the moment the crash occurred. These records could provide evidence that the driver was texting or even watching streaming videos when the accident occurred. This could go a long way towards establishing liability in an E-scooter accident case.  

How an attorney could help 

Time is of the essence when it comes to some forms of evidence. Witnesses can become impossible to track down and physical evidence can be lost. Because of this, it is vital to seek legal counsel to assist with your claim as soon as possible.  

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