What are the Scooter Laws in California?

What are the Scooter Laws in California?

California laws for electronic scooters differ from that of mopeds. Unlike mopeds,  E-scooters do not require a specific license or DMV registration. E-scooter users must have a driver’s license. All California’s rules of the road apply to E-scooter use.  

Unfortunately, some E-scooter users do not follow the rules of the road. Recent changes to California law concerning E-scooters make accidents even more likely. Certain safety requirements were rolled back or changed.  

E-scooter injuries – and even fatalities –have skyrocketed in recent years. The latter generally involve a collision with a car.  

Many E-scooter injuries go unreported, so the true numbers are even higher. While most E-scooter injuries are minor, some can result in fractures or head trauma that can mean weeks of recovery and time off the job.  

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E-Scooter laws 

When it comes to where E-scooter use is permitted, California law includes various restrictions. E-scooters are not allowed on sidewalks. Users may ride on roads, but only those with a speed limit of 35 miles per hour or less. If a bicycle lane is available, the E-scooter rider must use it. E-scooters cannot travel faster than 15 mph.  

Other E-scooter regulations include: 

  • No passengers 
  • No leaving the scooter where it impedes pedestrian traffic 
  • Minimum age of 16 to ride  

Previously, riders had to wear a helmet while operating an E-scooter that meet the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) standards. As of 2019, wearing such a helmet is no longer required for adults. E-scooter companies such as Bird still encourage helmet use. Minors must still wear helmets.  

New regulations also increased the speed limit for roads on which E-scooters were allowed from 25 mph to 35 mph. Travel on roads with higher speed limits will potentially lead to an increased accident rate.  

Local laws 

Local laws regarding E-scooter use can supersede state law. For example, in Los Angeles, there are specific regulations regarding where E-scooters are left after use. Some cities may forbid the use of E-scooters entirely, at least rental scooters.  

E-Scooter accident causes 

E-scooter accidents can harm the rider, passersby, and those in motor vehicles. They are also a trip hazard when left in a walkway, causing potentially serious trip and fall accidents.  

Many of the most common causes of E-scooter accidents are illegal, such as tandem riding, underaged riders, and their use on sidewalks and inappropriate, busy spaces. Reckless behavior by the operator can result in severe injury.  

There is another illegal act, E-scooter vandalization, that can result in a crash. Vandals are known to cut E-scooter brake lines, the damage that is not noticeable to an operator unless they check the vehicle out thoroughly before riding. They then discover they have no brakes and terrible spills and collisions occur.  

E-scooter accidents are often triggered by road hazards. Hitting a pothole or riding on an uneven surface can cause the rider to lose control.  

Car drivers have a much harder time seeing someone on an E-scooter than on larger vehicles. This poor visibility means many riders have been struck by cars making a turn or lane changing.  

Many accidents occur because the rider has little or no experience operating an E-scooter. They ride in an unsafe manner because there was no training. It is just a matter of download the app, provide the credit card information, and go. Then perhaps the rider tries to stop suddenly, hitting the brake hard. The E-scooter’s front wheels may lock. Such a sudden stop may involve enough force to project the rider off the scooter. That is just the type of accident that happens because the operator received no instruction on E-scooter safety.  

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