How Can I Get My E-Scooter Lawsuit Started?

How Can I Get My E-Scooter Lawsuit Started?

Shared electric scooters have sparked a new urban subculture. Increasing numbers of city-dwellers from Los Angeles to Miami are opting for this convenient transportation mode that is both economic and eco-friendly. 

While e-scooters are a fun way to zip around town, these devices move at a surprisingly fast clip and can prove dangerous for both riders and pedestrians. Scooter companies have strict user agreements, which function as liability waivers. As soon as you click “I agree,” you are essentially waiving some of your rights to sue in the event of an accident.  

Given the proliferation of e-scooter crashes and injuries in recent months, this waiver hasn’t stopped people from bringing their grievances to court. While litigation may be more challenging, it is not without merit, especially when an extreme personal injury has been sustained. 

Find out if you have an e-scooter lawsuit 

In the event that you or a loved one were hurt in an electric scooter accident, you might be wondering how to get a lawsuit started, or if you even have grounds to sue. Contact the office of Ellis Injury Law for a complimentary consultation. Our staff will connect you with a Los Angeles e-scooter accident lawyer who can answer your questions and provide helpful advice regarding your legal options. 

We are 100 percent committed to our clients, and leverage 25+ years of litigation experience with a focus on maximizing personal injury compensation. After an e-scooter accident, you are already hurt and suffering and don’t need to be further victimized by insurance companies. 

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Allegations raised by e-scooter accident victims 

A handful of lawsuits have already been brought against e-scooter companies such as Lime, Segway, and Bird. According to court documents, the claimants contend that the defendants knew their scooters were dangerous and have become a “public nuisance” in urban areas.  

Some plaintiffs argue that the e-scooters have defective mechanical parts and electronics, and were made available to consumers without adequate instructions. As a result, they contend, new riders were put at increased risk for having serious – and potentially fatal — accidents. Injured riders and pedestrians who were mowed down by the gadgets claim that these billion-dollar start-ups should be held liable for gross negligence. 

Many victims who suffered severe injuries now claim that the defendants are jeopardizing the safety of riders, pedestrians, and the public at large. 

Attorneys may cite data from e-scooter injury study 

In January of this year, the first retrospective study on e-scooter injuries was released. The data gleaned in the study – which looked at e-scooter injuries in two L.A.-area emergency rooms from 2017 to 2018 — may bolster claims in future lawsuits against e-scooter companies and manufacturers. 

Of the 249 patient records examined, the vast majority were e-scooter riders, as opposed to bystanders or pedestrians. Some 80 percent of the riders fell off of their scooters, and another 11 percent hit another object. Roughly 40 percent of riders suffered some kind of head injury, and one-third were seen in ER’s for fractured and broken bones. The study suggested that e-scooter companies were lackluster in warning riders about the serious safety risks involved.   

There is no doubt that scooter companies will attempt to skirt liability, but given the mounting numbers of accident reports and new cases being filed, this effort may prove futile. Ellis Injury Law partners with seasoned investigators who can unearth evidence if a device has faulty or malfunctioning parts that contribute to an accident. 

When can you sue for damages? 

There are various scenarios that can give rise to an e-scooter lawsuit.  

  • A negligent driver causes the accident – If a reckless or negligent motorist hit you while you were operating an e-scooter, causing your injuries, you may be eligible to file a claim against the at-fault driver and their insurance company 
  • Defective or malfunctioning parts – Loose handlebars, faulty brakes, sticky accelerators, and software glitches are just some of the complaints about e-scooters. Companies who design and manufacture defective parts may be held responsible under laws of product liability 
  • A reckless e-scooter rider – Pedestrians who suffer injury because of a negligent or reckless e-scooter rider may have a viable claim  
  • Trip and fall hazards caused by scooters – One California judge in Santa Monica recently ruled that victims who trip and fall over an abandoned e-scooter can sue for negligence and public nuisance 

Committed to helping accident victims in Los Angeles 

When you retain an e-scooter accident attorney at Ellis Law, we will leave no stone unturned when it comes to determining who’s at fault and how to maximize your recovery. Whether you suffered orthopedic trauma, head injury or other harm, our legal team knows how to craft a compelling claim for damages and will never settle for less than you deserve. 

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