Los Angeles Drowsy Driving Accident Lawyers Respond to New CDC Report

August 21, 2014

Ellis Law Corporation


A new report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds that drowsy driving or driver fatigue may be a factor in as many as 7,500 fatal vehicle crashes every year. In addition, drowsy drivers are more likely to be binge drinkers and drive without wearing their seatbelts, compounding the risks associated with driver fatigue.

Los Angeles drowsy driving accident lawyers at Ellis Law are alarmed at these new numbers, and continue our pledge to represent those who have been injured in California car accidents involving drowsy driving, drunk driving, or any form of impairment or negligence.

The CDC published the results on their website last month, as well as in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. The government agency found that drowsy drivers were also likely to be male drivers under the age of 25, individuals with sleep problems, and those who habitually sleep less than five hours a night.

This is the first report that has linked drowsy driving with other risk factors like binge drinking and not wearing seatbelts. Smoking was also considered as a part of this survey, but researchers did not find a compelling link between smoking and drowsy driving.

10 states represent national concern

In their report, the CDC looked at 10 states, including California. Other states included Alaska, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, Oregon and Tennessee. Puerto Rico was also included in this report. Although just 10 states were included, lead author of the report, Anne Wheaton, told Medical Xpress that she believes numbers would be similar throughout the country.

Among more than 92,000 people surveyed, four percent admitted falling asleep while driving during the previous 30 days. The percentage was highest among adults in the 18-24 age range and higher for men than women. Individuals who slept less than five hours a night on average or snored while sleeping were also more likely to fall asleep at the wheel.

Drowsy driving poses serious dangers

Researchers also noted that even if the driver does not actually fall asleep at the wheel, driver fatigue can still be a very dangerous condition. Drowsy drivers do not react as quickly and their decision-making skills can be significantly impaired. Driving while drowsy can also decrease vigilance and increase aggressive driving tendencies.

In their report, researchers recommend that drivers avoid alcohol use before driving, get sufficient sleep and seek treatment for sleep disorders. Unfortunately, even when you follow these recommendations when you are behind the wheel, there is no guarantee other drivers on the road with you are doing the same.

Get legal help from Los Angeles car accident lawyers

Life-changing consequences can occur to those who stray into the path of a drowsy driver. In addition to the thousands of fatalities that occur each year due to drowsy driving, hundreds more may be seriously injured. Accident injuries can result in mounting medical bills and if you are unable to work due to your injuries, the financial problem becomes even more severe.

That’s where experienced LA drowsy driver accident attorneys at Ellis Law can help. Our Los Angeles car accident lawyers will evaluate your case and help you file a California sleepy driver accident lawsuit if the situation warrants this action. We will ensure your rights are protected and help you pursue the maximum legal compensation you are entitled to.

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