What is the Most Common Injury on Construction Sites?

What is the Most Common Injury on Construction Sites?

Construction site workers most move around various heights, and falls are the most common cause of injury. The nature of the injury depends on whether the fall was from a height, such as a roof, or a slip and fall.  

Injuries resulting from falls include broken bones, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), and internal organ damage. Falls from heights on a construction site often prove fatal. In 2019, 20 percent of all fatal work injuries involved construction, as per OSHA. Back, neck, and soft tissue injuries are common in slip and fall accidents.  

While workers’ compensation should pay an injured construction worker’s medical expenses and lost wages. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident, a third-party entity may also hold liability. The injured party may pursue a personal injury lawsuit.  

The Los Angeles construction accident lawyers at Ellis Injury Law will investigate your claim to determine whether parties other than your employer are responsible for your injuries.  

Fall injuries 

Workers falling from a height may suffer spinal cord injuries. These severe injuries can mean partial or complete paralysis or neurological damage. Workers falling off ladders or scaffolding are particularly vulnerable. 

Bone fractures and crushing are frequent fall injuries. They also occur frequently due to workers getting hit by heavy machinery.  

Head injuries range from cuts and scrapes to TBIs. While a concussion, considered a minor TBI, may heal within a few weeks, many people never recover fully from moderate to severe TBIs. Falls top the list of TBI construction injury causes, but getting hit on the head by a falling object runs a close second.  

Other common construction site injuries  

Although the results of falls make up a substantial percentage of construction site injuries, there are plenty of other injuries taking place in these dangerous workplaces.  These include: 

  • Amputation –Loss of a limb or digit may occur due to equipment defects or malfunction or having a heavy object fall on and trap the worker.  
  • Burns –Construction workers work with various types of electric equipment and power tools that can cause burns. Accidents when working with chemicals are another burn source.  
  • Eye injuries –Debris, dust, and other small particles abound on construction sites. Workers without protective goggles may suffer eye injuries leading to vision loss or even the loss of the eye itself.  
  • Heatstroke –Hot weather is prime time for construction work. Untreated heatstroke can lead to kidney, cardiac, and brain damage.  
  • Lacerations –Various construction site hazards can lead to lacerations. Some of them may involve extensive blood loss and, without proper care, infection.  

Long-term injuries 

Sudden, traumatic injuries receive the most attention and may result in permanent disability. However, there are serious and common injuries that develop over time and affect a significant number of construction workers.  

These include hearing loss from working around heavy and noisy equipment for long periods. Exposure to certain chemicals over time can lead to vision loss.  

Repetitive motions, such as bending and lifting, lend themselves to back and soft-tissue injuries.  

Exposure to dust and other small particles can lead to respiratory disease. Asbestos exposure may result in developing fatal mesothelioma.  

Safety considerations  

Many serious construction site accidents are avoidable when safety precautions are taken. Construction sites are highly regulated. Workers should also have and use appropriate and approved safety gear. These include fall restraints, hard hats, and googles.   

If a third-party entity, such as a contractor or sub-contractor, is egregiously negligent by allowing hazardous conditions to exist on the site, it is possible to file a personal injury lawsuit against them.  

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