What are the Top 10 Safety Risks in Construction?

Construction is one of the most dangerous occupations. Safety risks abound, including falling from heights, injury due to malfunctioning equipment, or getting hit by a construction vehicle.  

Not all safety risks result in sudden accidents. Some of the safety risks involved with construction take their toll over time. While some construction accidents or impairments are not preventable, many of them would have not happened had correct safety procedures been followed. Employees should receive proper training on all equipment used. All power tools and heavy equipment require regular inspection for wear-and-tear and defects.  

While construction workers injured while on the job must file a claim with workers’ compensation, there are circumstances under which they may file a personal injury claim if a party other than the employer is responsible for the incident.  

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1. Falls 

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), falls have long been the primary cause of death when it comes to construction accidents. In many of these cases, the use of personal fall arrest systems would have prevented the accident. Failing to adhere to fall protection training and requirements is OSHA’s most commonly issued safety violation.  

However, the cause of most falls was out of the worker’s control.  Situations involving poor walking surfaces, inadequate protection around the construction site perimeter, and improper use of equipment were common contributors to falls.  

2. Struck by Object 

Objects hitting workers or bystanders run the gamut, from loose materials to vehicles.  

3. Electrocution 

Workers coming into contact with live circuits, poorly maintained tools, or overhead power lines may electrocute themselves.  

4. Caught in Between  

Workers caught in between objects are often seriously injured or killed. That includes getting caught between vehicles or machinery or stuck inside a trench or structural collapse.  

5. Slips and Falls 

Slips and falls on stairways, uneven ground, wet and slippery surfaces, and other hazardous areas occur frequently on construction sites. Slips and falls are the most common type of workplace injuries.  

6. Chemical Injuries 

Many of the materials used on construction sites are hazardous. When chemicals are not stored or used properly, explosions or fire may result. Workers may suffer burns or respiratory issues.  

7. Forklift Accidents 

Nationwide, an average of 100 people are killed and 95,000 injured annually due to forklift accidents, especially turnovers. Forklifts and similar powered industrial trucks also strike and injure or kill other workers or pedestrians.  

8. Noise 

Construction sites are noisy places. Constant exposure to loud noise can result in hearing loss over time. Unlike some of the other safety risks, deafness does not happen suddenly and out of the blue but still contributes to impairment. While many workers wear noise-reducing hearing protection, the type of protection issued is frequently inadequate.   

9. Repetitive Injuries 

Repetitive motions such as constant heavy lifting or the long-term use of vibrating or other equipment may result in musculoskeletal injuries. Workers may end up requiring surgery and run the risk of permanent disability.   

10. Airborne Dust 

Construction sites produce huge amounts of dust. This dust, inhaled on a regular basis, may result in serious lung diseases. These include asthma, lung cancer, silicosis, emphysema, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) Workers exposed to asbestos dust, found in many older buildings and often encountered during the demolition process, may develop fatal asbestosis or mesothelioma.  

Asbestos dust most often comes from old ceiling tiles, insulation or wall plaster.  

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