Should I Hire an Attorney After a Construction Accident?

Should I Hire an Attorney After a Construction Accident?

Even if you aren’t sure whether you have the basis to file a lawsuit after a construction accident, it’s definitely in your best interests to contact a personal injury attorney. A lawyer who has experience with construction accident cases can assess whether you may have recourse beyond the workers’ compensation program. Furthermore, the sooner you speak with an attorney, the better. The guidance from your attorney can help you avoid common litigation mistakes that may jeopardize your case. In addition, there are strict deadlines to filing a claim. If you wait too long to contact a lawyer, you might forfeit your right to seek just compensation. 

At Ellis Injury Law, we’ve been serving victims of construction accidents in Southern California for more than two decades.  Our Los Angeles construction accident attorneys understand that your medical bills can’t wait for the conclusion of a lengthy trial. We’ll fight to get you the compensation you need as quickly as possible so that you can focus on your health. 

How a personal injury attorney can assist with a workers’ compensation claim 

On a construction site, often the first issue to consider is whether it is necessary to seek compensation through a workers’ comp claim as opposed to filing a lawsuit. It’s best to have our attorneys review your case to determine if you have recourse above and beyond a workers’ compensation claim. Even if you must stick with a workers’ comp claim, our legal team can optimize the outcome. 

In general, workers’ compensation will pay for 100% of the medical expenses related to the accident. You can also recover a portion of your lost wages, and you can recover compensation for partial or total disability. Workers’ comp is a no-fault insurance system. This means you don’t need to prove that the accident was anyone’s fault—and you can still recover compensation even if it was caused by a mistake you made. 

The problem with workers’ comp is that it’s not in the insurance carrier’s best interests to approve claims. Often, they will reject bona fide claims by using a variety of loopholes. At Ellis Injury Law, we’ve seen all of the tricks that insurance carriers throw at injured workers—and we know how to defeat them. We can help you get your claim approved so you can receive the compensation you’re entitled to. 

Grounds for filing a lawsuit after a construction accident 

Many injured construction workers in Southern California are unaware that they have grounds to file a lawsuit outside of workers’ compensation. When our team reviews your case, we’ll determine whether a lawsuit would serve you well. For example, you may be able to bring a civil lawsuit if your construction accident was caused by a third-party vendor or contractor. Construction sites, particularly large, commercial projects, often do have many different subcontractors working on various aspects of the project.  Our personal injury lawyers understand the legal strategies involved with proving negligence on the part of a third party. 

Another possibility is to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer of a tool or a piece of heavy machinery. A successful product liability lawsuit would need to prove that the item was unreasonably dangerous due to a defect in design or manufacture. It would also be necessary to prove that you were using the tool or machinery in the manner intended by the manufacturer, and that the defect in the tool caused the accident that lead to your injury. 

When you visit Ellis Injury Law, we’ll consider all of the possible avenues for legal recourse. 

Contact a construction accident law firm in Los Angeles 

Construction sites are notoriously dangerous places to work and injured victims deserve full compensation for their medical expenses and other losses. Contact the LA construction attorneys at Ellis Injury Law to discuss your case during a free initial consultation. We’ve made it our life’s work to fight for the rights of injured Southern Californians, and we’ll apply effective legal strategies to help you receive maximum compensation for your injuries. Call today at (310) 641-3335 to schedule a free case review.