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Los Angeles Car Crash Ends in Fatal Shooting

December 24, 2013

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The streets of downtown Los Angeles were more dangerous than ever as a wild car chase dominated the roadways on Friday, December 13. The heated pursuit, which lasted more than an hour, began around 9:30 p.m. when local deputies began chasing a speeding Corvette after the driver demonstrated reckless behavior. The silver sports car was ripping through downtown LA at break-neck speeds, at times with its lights off.

NBC LA reports that California Highway Patrol took over the pursuit as the Corvette careened through residential neighborhoods with its headlights off. The driver then took to the streets of South LA, where squad cars tailed for another 30 minutes. The unreal scene was simultaneously being aired live on SKY5 TV where onlookers watched in horror as the Corvette slammed into another vehicle, sending it skidding into a nearby fire hydrant.

Los Angeles officials told NBC “It did look like a very violent collision, very traumatic.”

Heated car chase ends in crash and fatal shooting

Reports say that both occupants of the impacted vehicle were injured, with one in serious condition after suffering a possible broken neck. Both were sent to a local hospital.

After hitting the second vehicle, the suspect then got out of his Corvette, when he was shot by LAPD an unknown number of times. Authorities have since released the name of the driver, who suffered fatal wounds and died.  Brian Newt Beaird, age 51, died of gunshot-related injuries in the hospital shortly after the incident.

The case is currently under investigation to determine why the shots were fired.

“There was great concern that he was going to hurt someone severely,” LAPD Lt. Andy Neiman said, adding, “The suspect got out of the vehicle and at that point, something occurred that prompted the officer-involved shooting.”

Determining auto accident liability

For the unlucky victims in this LA car collision, the process of recovering damages from the at-fault driver (or his estate) may be complex and will require the knowledge of a competent personal injury lawyer who will be charged not just with establishing liability, but to do it in the midst of these highly public and scandalous circumstances.

Just like every state, California has statutes of limitations that dictate the time frame in which legal action can be taken following a car accident. These time limits are:

  • Within two years for filing a personal injury lawsuit
  • Within three years for filing a claim for property damage (top the vehicle)

Los Angeles car accident lawyer offers advice

If you have suffered injury in an auto accident as a result of the negligent or reckless driving of another, you may be entitled to compensation for  related medical expenses, lost wages, emotional trauma and other non-economic losses.

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