Why do I need to contact an attorney after an accident?

Why do I need to contact an attorney after an accident?

Car accidents are traumatic and stressful, especially when they cause injury. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you might be tempted to take whatever offer an insurance company gives you simply to put the experience to rest.  However, you have to keep in mind that insurance companies are not in the business of paying out large sums of money. In fact, every insurance company wants to pay out the least amount of money possible so they can make money.  

You need to contact an Ellis Law personal injury attorney if you’ve been in a car accident simply because you need someone looking out for your best interests. A Los Angeles personal injury lawyer will make a world of difference in your case for many important reasons.  


Insurance companies have staffs full of lawyers and claims agents representing their best interests. These employees have years of full-time experience fighting on behalf of insurance companies, so unless you’re an experienced lawyer yourself, it’s not a good idea to face them alone. An experienced car accident attorney will help you stand up to these giants, and work hard to get you the maximum compensation you deserve.  

Legal rights  

You have a legal right to pursue action if you’ve been injured because of someone else’s negligence. It’s imperative that you protect yourself by consulting with someone whose goal is to help you. There are car accidents that end in settlements, while some go to trial. You will never know which applies to you and your car accident unless you talk to a lawyer, as is your legal right.  


Investigation is a critical part of almost all car accident situations, but especially so in those with injury or death. A lawyer can give you the help you need investigating into the cause of the accident, preserving and protecting the evidence, and submitting the necessary information in court. A lawyer can also immediately give legal notices to all the involved parties to collect and preserve evidence, including insurance companies, car mechanics, police, and medical professionals. Hiring a lawyer will also give you a chance to speak with special investigators and expert witnesses that are knowledgeable about your particular type of accident.  

Immediate action 

Every second after a car accident not spent investigating and protecting evidence is a second lost to the other side. As awful as it sounds, insurance companies and their teams immerse themselves in an accident from the moment it happens to look out for their own best interests. Hiring a lawyer immediately after a car accident will have someone on the ground that is fighting and investigating for you and the compensation you deserve.  

Also, in many instances, there is spoliation, or important evidence from a car accident is lost, destroyed, or altered. Spoliation makes a case that much harder to investigate and prove. However, if you have an attorney on your side, he or she can fight spoliation to prevent your case from being dismissed.  

Free consultation 

Finally, you need to contact an attorney after an accident to determine if you even have a case. Not every car accident injury warrants legal action, and a lawyer will be able to accurately advise you.  

You can schedule a free consultation with one of the Los Angeles car accident attorneys at Ellis Law Corporation to see if you have a strong case. We have years of experience and will do everything in our power to get you the best possible outcome. We believe in our work so much that you pay nothing unless we win. Contact a personal injury lawyer at Ellis Law today.