When to get an attorney for a car accident?

When to get an attorney for a car accident?

If you’ve been hurt in an automobile collision, you may find yourself wondering when to get an attorney for a car accident. The simple answer to this question is, the sooner, the better. The days following a serious injury can be a complete whirlwind, and it’s often hard to make the right decisions. Of course, emergency medical care comes first, but as soon as you are able, you should contact a personal injury lawyer. Your insurance company will definitely have a team of lawyers examining your claim, and the liable party might also have representation as well. You need experienced legal counsel by your side to make sure you get the compensation you deserve. Begin building your case and avoid legal missteps with the help of a talented attorney. 

Work with the #1 personal injury firm in Southern California 

Los Angeles car accident attorneys from Ellis Law are standing by, 24/7 to hear your version of events. We have two decades of experience with everything from pedestrian collisions, to motorcycle accidents, crashes involving commercial trucks, wrecks caused by poorly marked road construction, and everyday fender benders that can cause lingering whiplash. In total, we’ve won over $350 million for our clients in the greater Los Angeles metro area. When your health, happiness, livelihood and future are on the line, choose a firm with a proven track record of results. 

Schedule a free and confidential consultation today 

With all serious accidents, including automobile accidents, it’s best to start building a case right away. Ideally, you want to have a lawyer before your insurance company processes your claim. At Ellis Law, we offer 100% free and confidential consultations for anyone who has been hurt. If you’re too injured to travel, we’ll make arrangements to visit you in your home or at your care facility. There is absolutely nothing to risk by sitting down with an expert and explaining your situation. If we decide you have a case, we’ll get to work right away. We get paid by contingency fees, which means our payment is contingent on you winning a verdict or negotiating a settlement.

Why hire an attorney? 

Your insurance company may offer you money to fix your car, but what about medical bills, and missed days at work? The liable party might offer a small settlement, but is it really all you deserve? With a personal injury attorney, you’ll have a powerful advocate in your corner who can make sure you’re getting a fair deal. It’s easy to quickly go into debt due to medical expenses and missed paychecks. You could fall behind on rent, miss credit card payments, and begin a downward spiral into bankruptcy. With a settlement or awarded damages, you’ll have the funds you need to take back control of your life. 

How much compensation do I deserve? 

Every case is different, and it’s impossible to say for certain how much money you should seek without examining every detail of your unique accident. When you meet with a lawyer from Ellis Law, the answer to this question will start to come into focus. Here are a selection of settlements and verdicts we’ve won for our clients who have been involved in accidents on the road: 

  • $2.9 Million: Los Angeles car accident caused by an unsafe lane change 
  • $1.4 Million: Truck accident, high-speed rear-end collision 
  • $808,000: Pedestrian struck in crosswalk 
  • $750,000: Truck accident that caused serious spinal injury 

Have I waited too long to contact an attorney? 

The answer depends on the accident. Yes, it’s always much better to get a lawyer on your side right away, but the law in California allows some time to file a lawsuit with a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer. Generally, the statute of limitations is two years after the accident, but it could be much longer, or shorter, based on the specifics of your case. There is no reason not to contact a legal expert from Ellis Law, even if you think you’ve waited too long to take action. Call or email today to set up a consultation, and take the first steps towards getting the justice you deserve.