What to Do If Car Insurance Denies Claim

What to do if car insurance denies claim

Having your auto insurance claim unexpectedly denied can be a nasty surprise. Not only have you already invested time and resources into assessing the damages, but with a denial you could be saddled with the entire cost of repairs. Your vehicle could even be totaled leaving you without reliable transportation.  Fortunately, the Los Angeles personal injury lawyer team at Ellis Law has helped many collision victims get the restitution they deserve after their insurance claim is initially denied.

Reasons for Denial

Auto insurance claims can be denied by policy providers for a surprising number of reasons, but they generally fall into one of a few categories. In most cases, a denial stems from the insurer’s belief that the claim lacks substantial merit, that the facts at hand are insufficient to find liability, or simply that a denial will discourage victims from pursuing further action.

Even a small misinterpretation on the part of the provider could lead to a denial, as insurers will often work to find a lack of liability as opposed to the objective facts. This leads to many claims being denied due to questionable exclusions in the policy (i.e. technically unresgistered drivers or “Acts of God”), a lapsed policy for the responsible party, or overly stringent restrictions on accident reporting time frames.

Offering You Options

When an insurance provider denies your claim, Ellis Law can help you navigate the legal process to get the compensation you deserve. We can help to ensure providers are held responsible for the policies they sell, making a formal claim for compensation that carefully details the damages and highlights the responsible party’s role in the collision.

Where a simple claim is often treated with minimal weight by insurers, our experienced approach creates a much more compelling case for clients who entrust their needs to us. We can create a comprehensive demand letter that makes your intention to seek restitution as well as your standing to claim it as clear as possible for insurers looking to deny liability.

Our associated accident anaylsts will extensively evaluate the damages down to the exact dollar amount as well as meticulously monitoring the process for any improper claims practices used by the insurer to avoid responsibility for the policies they provide.

Major Injuries

By far the worst case scenario in an automotive claim is being left to pay extensive medical bills as well as undergoing a difficult physical recovery. Particularly with highway accidents, these incidents can result in broken bones, damaged organs, or even lost limbs. In these cases being denied for a coverage claim is doubly devastating, as extensive treatment bills and lost wages can contribute to a nearly insurmountable obstacle to restoring your quality of life.

While sustaining a major injury in an accident due to the negligence of another is a tragic event, Ellis Law can work on your behalf to offer you the best possible outcome. Our compassionate legal team has years of experience helping our clients navigate their recovery process, and every individual we assist stands as a piece of our legacy.

Ellis Law’s Los Angeles car accident attorneys share a wealth of experience at managing auto accident claim denials involving major injury, enabling them to provide the expertise and support our clients rely on in their most challenging times.

Our Los Angeles car accident lawyer can leverage eyewitnesses and evaluators to paint the clearest possible picture of how the responsible party has impacted your day to day life so you can receive the restitution you need to take healthy steps forward after a severe accident. We also understand the financial hardships a major injury can create, and so we can even work on a contingency basis because we always have the best interests of our clients at heart.

Whatever it takes

While Ellis Law has a long track record of success obtaining settlements for our clients through the appeals process, we can also represent your interests in the courtroom in cases where the insurer refuses to provide the proper restitution. We will keep you involved every step of the way as we pursue your compensation through the court system, and will never accept a minimal buyout when you deserve to be fully compensated.

Whether a simple fender bender or a major highway pile-up, an automotive collision is never an enjoyable event. Nevertheless, ensuring you are made whole after an accident can go a long way on the road to recovery. If your auto insurance claim was unjustly denied, every day counts in getting the money compensation you deserve. Call a personal injury attorney at Ellis Law now to get a free consultation.