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Questions To Ask Car Accident Attorney

When searching for a California car accident attorney, be sure to ask about the lawyer’s education, experience, and assessment of your case. Knowing what to look for in a law firm can maximize your chances of receiving fair compensation. 

Top Three Questions To Ask Any Auto Accident Law Firm 

If you’re looking for an attorney, then you have probably already seen ads for several law firms in your area. With so many to choose from, how do you select the best fit for your needs? Making the right decision comes down to education, experience, and the attorney’s assessment of your case. 



Finding An Attorney With The Right Education 

Practicing law is one of the most challenging professions anyone can undertake. While a law degree by itself does not make a great lawyer, a strong educational background is absolutely essential for getting the expert representation you deserve. 

With that in mind, here are a few questions to ask your prospective attorney: 

  • “What college/university did you attend for your undergraduate studies? What was your major?” Attorneys with four-year degrees in fields such as English, history, communications, philosophy, or political science are generally well-qualified for the academic rigors of law school. 
  • “What law school did you attend? When did you graduate?” Make sure the school is approved by the American Bar Association. You’ll find a list of the respective institutions at this link
  • “What was your favorite subject in school?” This particular question has less to do with verifying the attorney’s credentials than with getting a feel for his or her legal philosophy. The more you know about the lawyer in question, the better able you’ll be to choose the right firm. 


Finding An Attorney With The Right Experience 

By itself, a degree from a prestigious law school is not enough to distinguish a capable attorney. The lawyer you choose should have specific experience in dealing with auto accident cases. Here are some questions to ask with that fact in mind: 

  • “What types of automotive collision cases have you handled in the past? What results were you able to achieve for your clients?” The best way to know how a law firm will perform in the future is to look at what it has done for people in the past. 
  • “How many auto accident cases does your firm represent in the typical year?” There are two things you want to avoid in a car collision attorney. One is total inexperience. The other is a caseload so heavy that you may not receive the personalized representation you deserve. 
  • “Do you have experience representing clients with injuries like mine?” An important aspect of auto accident law is knowing how much compensation to seek for a particular type of injury. For example, therapy for neck or spine trauma is likely to cost far more than treating bruised or cracked ribs. 

Finding An Attorney With The Right Assessment Of Your Case

Part of choosing a law firm is finding one that believes in you and your case. Otherwise, you may end up paying out-of-pocket legal fees with little or nothing in return. Here’s how to avoid that problem: 


  • Never pay out-of-pocket fees: It really is that simple. A lawyer who is worth your time will never charge you directly for consultations or other services. 
  • Ask about contingency terms: This point is closely related to the one above. An attorney who believes in you will collect his or her fees only if your case prevails. 
  • Request regular updates: Being an accident victim is stressful enough without fear and uncertainty hanging over your head. Make sure the law firm you choose agrees to keep you in the loop as your case progresses. 

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