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What Questions Do Car Insurance Companies Ask After an Accident?

After an accident, your car insurance company (or the insurer of the other driver) may have some questions. While it may seem like a harmless, routine part of the process, what you answer could have a big impact on who is assigned the responsibility of the accident, the coverage the insurer will provide, and how big of check you’ll receive to cover the costs of your accident.  

If you’ve been involved in a car accident and it’s time to talk to the insurance companies, you should be prepared. Anticipating what questions will be asked and how you should respond can help you take on the interview with confidence and prevent you from losing out on the settlement you deserve. It’s best to speak with a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer before the agency to receive custom advice and preparation.  

Common questions asked after an accident 

Contacting your insurance company directly after an accident is a standard procedure—and while it isn’t exactly an intense interrogation, it is important that you are providing clear and accurate information to the extent of your knowledge. Providing false information or assumptions could lead to larger troubles down the line. Instead, answer with short, precise, and factual answers (even if the answer is “I don’t know”).  

Common questions to expect: 

  • When and where did the accident occur? 
    After an accident, try to write down and record as much information as possible, including the exact location and time. It may prove helpful down the line if you need to fight your case. 
  • Who was involved in the accident (other drivers, passengers, bystanders, etc.)? 
    Take note of how many people were in your car and the other vehicle, and whether or not there were other parties involved.  
  • How did the accident occur?  
    You should be factual in your recount of the incident while avoiding additional commentary that is unnecessary or could suggest fault on your behalf.  
  • Who was at fault for the incident?  
    It’s crucial not to admit fault, as this can potentially void coverage.  
  • Was a police report filed? 
    Even if the car accident wasn’t severe, it might be beneficial to have an official police report. The report will also help to indicate which party was at fault.  
  • Were you injured? If so, what injuries did you sustain?  
    You should always receive medical attention after an accident, even if you don’t feel hurt. Some injuries can take time to set in, and you may not feel or notice them right away, especially if your adrenaline levels are increased. 

Depending on your accident, your insurance agent may ask additional questions regarding the incident. Your car accident attorney can help walk you through these questions and more to make sure you are completely prepared for your interview.  

Questions from the other party’s insurance company 

While you can expect to have regular communication with your insurance company after an accident, you should be wary of incoming calls or interview requests from the other party’s insurance company—especially if the other party was at fault. They may ask you a series of questions in which you could end up providing incorrect, assumed, or skewed information that could be used against your favor.  

Instead, direct any third party insurance companies to your personal injury lawyer. Our highly experienced lawyers know the traps that can be set by big insurance agencies and will ensure that they have accurate, honest answers that won’t cause you or your case any harm.  

Getting a bigger settlement check 

If the other party was found to be at fault and their insurance company has offered you a check, you may want to wait to accept it. Frequently, insurance companies will offer a bit of money in an attempt to reach a quick settlement. However, accepting the first offer could mean that you’re missing out on a much larger settlement.  

Consulting with Los Angeles car accident attorneys who have won countless cases and settlements can help you decide whether you should go to the bank or head to the courts. Our firm has recovered more than $350 million in compensation for our clients and can help you collect maximum compensation for your car accident. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.