What Issues Will I Face in Making a Claim for my Injuries Sustained in an Auto Accident?

What Issues Will I Face in Making a Claim for my Injuries Sustained in an Auto Accident?

There are a number of often-complex issues that you will face when making a claim for injuries sustained in an auto accident in Southern California. At each stage of the post-accident process, there are crucial steps that you must take in order to maximize your financial recovery and achieve the justice you deserve for your injuries. Knowing which steps to take and when to take them is imperative. 

No matter how many times we leave home and drive from Point A to Point B without incident, the possibility of an accident never disappears. In fact, the Los Angeles car accident lawyers at Ellis Injury Law realize that accidents often occur when we least expect them. Some accident victims emerge completely unscathed, some experience minor bumps, bruises, or cuts, while others are more seriously injured. 

Do’s and don’ts after a car accident

Determining which party is at fault will play a crucial role in determining who ends up paying for your injuries and the damage to your vehicle. In order to put yourself in the best position, Ellis Injury Law recommends that you contact the police and file a report immediately after an accident with another vehicle. You should also notify your insurance company of what has happened. Do not admit fault to anyone. Additionally, never discuss the details of the accident with anyone other than the police and your insurance company, including the other driver’s insurance company.  

You should also seek medical attention immediately for any injuries you have, no matter how minor. Symptoms of certain injuries may not appear right away. The longer you delay from the time of the accident until the time you seek treatment for these injuries, the more you risk missing out on some or even all of the potential financial compensation that you could have been eligible for, as there is arguably less of a direct link between the accident and your injuries if you wait too long before being treated. 

Why you need an attorney

Contact a car accident lawyer as soon as possible. The other driver’s insurance company is literally in the business of making sure they minimize the amount that people just like you can recover financially. Do not try to fight this battle alone. Having the right car accident attorneys on your side to take the fight to them can make you and your family millions of dollars. 

A trusted firm that knows that ropes

Ellis Injury Law has been representing people just like you in cases just like yours for the past 25 years, and we have earned over $350 Million in settlements for our clients, including several multi-million dollar settlements for car accident victims. 

When you must file a claim with your insurance company

If you or anyone else involved in the accident was injured, you must file a claim with your insurance company, even if you were at-fault for the crash. Doctor and hospital bills can be overwhelming, and if you do not file a claim, you open yourself to litigation. If you wait to contact your insurance company until after you have already been sued, your claim could be completely denied by your claims representative. 

Even if it is unclear which driver is at-fault, you should still file a claim if you have been injured so that your insurance company can represent you against the other driver’s insurance company in order to decipher liability and to coordinate financial compensation. 

What will happen to your rates?

Realize that your insurance rates will go up after an accident, even if you were not at fault. Naturally, your rates will increase by much more if you are the at-fault party, but your rates will still increase by a lesser margin if you are not-at-fault. 

Delays can cost you dearly

California’s Statute of Limitations for injuries suffered in a car accident is two years, so if you do not file your claim within two years of the accident, you may forfeit any right to financial recovery. 

We are ready to answer your call right now

At Ellis Injury Law, our phone lines are always open, so you can call us 24/7. Your initial consultation is completely free, and you will not pay us anything unless you win. If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident, pick up the phone today and call Ellis Injury Law for your free consultation.