What is Normal Pain After a Car Accident?

What is Normal Pain After a Car Accident?

There is no such thing as “normal” pain after a car accident. However, some forms of injury are more common than others.  

Your first step should be to seek medical attention right away, then make an appointment to see a Los Angeles car accident lawyer. The sooner you act, the sooner you’ll be on the road to recovery. 

Common forms of post-accident physical trauma 

Any type of traumatic physical ordeal, including car wrecks, can result in discomfort or even a serious injury. Here are some of the more typical symptoms people experience after a crash: 

  • Sore muscles: Most people instinctively tense up just before the moment of impact. This can contribute to muscular bruising, strain, and even lacerations. 
  • Back or neck pain: The spinal cord is one of the most complex parts of the human body. Even minor trauma can cause slipped discs and other painful conditions. Spine injuries are especially common during auto accidents. 
  • Cuts and scratches: Caused by abrasion and impact with glass, metal, and other sharp or jagged surfaces. 
  • Headaches: Which can stem from a wide range of causes, many of them quite serious. Be sure to report any post-accident head pain to your healthcare provider. 
  • Psychological trauma: Not all of the injuries caused by an auto crash are physical in nature. For example, it’s common for victims to experience some degree of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after the incident. 
  • Cracked or broken ribs: Caused by impact to the chest during the wreck. This problem can occur even if the victim was wearing a seatbelt or if the vehicle airbags were deployed. 

Only a qualified healthcare practitioner can diagnose the extent of your injuries. So never assume that you’re okay after a crash. Get yourself checked out, just in case. Your life and well-being are too important to risk. 

Recovering from an auto crash 

Your medical practitioner will work with you to develop a post-accident recovery plan. His or her recommendations may include

  • Rest: So your body can focus on repairing the damage caused by the crash. 
  • Pain relievers: In most cases, over-the-counter formulas are fine for dealing with post-accident discomfort. Never take a prescription painkiller without explicit medical authorization. 
  • Ice and/or heat: To reduce post-accident swelling and encourage good circulation. 
  • Stretching: To relieve cramped muscles and improve your range of motion. 

What if I feel alright after the accident?  

It’s common for auto accident victims to report feeling fine immediately after the crash, only to notice pain and discomfort later on.  

Often, this is because their body was flooded with endorphins and adrenaline at the time of the accident, both of which act as natural painkillers. It’s only when these effects wear off that the true extent of their injuries becomes obvious.  

This is one more reason to seek medical attention after any automotive collision, no matter how you feel at the time. Otherwise, it may be difficult to prove your side of the story, should you end up in court.  

Contacting a law firm to represent your interests 

Often, the injuries resulting from a car crash are serious enough to require more extensive types of treatment, such as surgery, physical therapy, or even psychological counseling. Needless to say, these forms of treatment can be quite expensive. 

That’s why you should talk to qualified California car accident lawyers as soon as possible. Consulting an attorney sends a powerful message to insurers and at-fault parties. It lets them know that you’re serious about receiving fair treatment. 

How do you choose the right car accident lawyer to handle your case? Here’s what to look for: 

  • Free consultations and contingency terms: After all, who has the money to pay big legal fees? 
  • Experience dealing with auto accident cases: Otherwise you may find yourself outgunned by the other side. 
  • Convenient office locations: Since traveling extended distances can be difficult when you’re recovering from serious injuries. 
  • Anytime availability: The best law firms have someone from their staff available 24/7 to talk to potential clients. 

Remember, there’s no such thing as a minor auto accident. Seek medical help as soon as possible after the collision, then reach out to us here at Ellis Injury Law to discuss your case. When things go wrong, we want to help to set them right.