What information is needed after a car accident?

What information is needed after a car accident?

Many people get around Los Angeles by driving, which means car accidents are a fairly common occurrence. We all know you should exchange information with the other drivers involved in the crash, but what exactly does that mean? If you find yourself asking “What information is needed after a car accident?” you’re not alone. According to experienced Los Angeles personal injury lawyers, you should exchange the following info: 

  • Full name as it appears on your driver’s license
  • Address of primary residence
  • Telephone number
  • Insurance company name 
  • Insurance policy number 
  • Driver’s license number 
  • License plate number 

Protect your rights with a talented and determined legal team 

First thing’s first– alerting the police is a smart move. If the accident was caused by the other driver’s actions, you can use a police report to help establish fault. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you should get medical care right away. As soon as you are able, you should seek the help of a personal injury lawyer. They can start building a case, deal with insurance companies, and help you seek damages. Though it’s generally better to contact an attorney right away, California state law does allow for some time to file a lawsuit. When it comes to getting cash compensation for your injuries, it’s definitely better late than never. 

No out-of-pocket fees 

Meeting with a legal expert from Ellis Law won’t cost you a thing as we offer free consultations. We believe the fine people of Los Angeles deserve top-notch legal representation, whether or not they can afford an expensive attorney out of pocket. Furthermore, if we decide to take your case, we will work on a contingency fee basis. This means we don’t get paid unless we win a verdict or agree to a settlement. There is no risk to meeting with Los Angeles car accident attorneys from Ellis Law. We’re standing by 24/7 to hear your side of the story. When your health, happiness, and future are on the line, you should have a talented, creative, and determined lawyer in your corner. 

Seek compensation for your injuries and bills 

After an accident, insurance companies may try to shift blame and offer a small settlement. They might offer to pay for your trip to the emergency room, but what about the cost of follow up visits and lingering health problems like whiplash? Perhaps they’ll pay to fix your car, but what about lost wages from missed work? It’s important that you don’t accept their terms without consulting a lawyer. We’ll fight to win you compensation to pay present and future medical bills, make up for lost paychecks, cover living expenses like rent and credit card payments, and ensure that you can support yourself while you recover.  

A proven track record of success 

In the 20-plus years we’ve been practicing law, we’ve secured over $350 million for our clients. We’ve held negligent individuals and businesses accountable for their actions, and helped a number of victims get back on their feet. From complex accidents that involve multiple vehicles to everyday rear-enders, we’ve seen a lot over the years. Our team accommodates every client, both big and small.

If you’ve been hurt at no fault of your own, you should contact a lawyer 

Though accidents on the road are very common in our area, many other types of mishaps fall under the umbrella of personal injury law. Business and municipalities have a responsibility to maintain safe public spaces. If you’ve fallen due to a broken handrail, uneven stairs, or an unmarked wet floor, you should definitely contact a personal injury attorney. Employers also have a responsibility to create a safe workplace. If you’ve been injured on the job, you do have the right to seek compensation. From defective products to mistreatment at the hands of the police, there are many reasons to seek a personal injury lawsuit. Contact Ellis Law today and schedule a free consultation. We’ll help you decide the smartest way to proceed. If you’re too hurt to travel, we’ll gladly arrange a time to come visit you.