What if Someone Hits You and You Have No Insurance?

What if Someone Hits You and You Have No Insurance?

In California, state law requires all motorists to maintain a certain level of liability insurance coverage before they can register their vehicles. While this coverage is mandatory, it is not uncommon for drivers to find themselves without insurance. Policies can accidentally lapse, while other drivers might not have the assets to pay the premiums.  

Even if you have liability insurance, you could find yourself in a financial bind if another driver collides with you. Your insurance might cover any liability you hold to someone else, but it will do nothing for your losses if you lack comprehensive coverage.  

Thankfully, you may have options when you are injured by another driver through no fault of your own. An experienced Southern California car accident lawyer can assist you with pursuing an insurance claim or a lawsuit even if you do not have your own coverage.  

Pursuing a claim against the other driver’s insurance policy 

Most of the drivers on California’s roadways carry liability insurance. If you are involved in a crash caused by another person, this could make the difference between obtaining compensation for your injuries and getting saddled with your medical bills.  

If the other driver is carrying liability insurance, you have the right to file a claim. Liability insurance is not intended to cover the damages an insured party sustains. Instead, it exists to cover any liability the insured might have for causing a crash. This type of insurance is ideal if you have been struck by another driver through no fault of your own.  

Insurance coverage might be available, but there is no guarantee the other driver’s carrier will accept your claim. Insurance companies are notorious for dragging out the claims process and actively avoiding payouts on cases where liability is clear. Even if you were not at fault for the crash, the insurance company is likely to delay your claim.  

Insurance companies know they have time on their side. These companies have endless resources, while must injury victims are feeling financial strain following the crash. The companies know if they drag out the proceedings long enough, they can settle claims for a fraction of their value.  

That is where L.A. car accident lawyers come into the picture. An aggressive injury attorney can push to resolve a claim, preventing the insurance companies from delaying your case needlessly. If negotiations are at a standstill, they can file a lawsuit on your behalf. Aggressively pursuing your claim provides you with the best chance of recovering the compensation you deserve.  

When the other driver is also uninsured 

Things may be difficult if both you and the other driver lack insurance of any kind. Without a policy to rely on, you could be facing your accident-related medical debt and other losses on your own. However, experienced Los Angeles car accident attorneys could assist you in filing a lawsuit against the other driver directly.  

In many cases, the responsible driver will lack the resources to pay compensation on your claim. After all, if they can afford to pay off your losses from an accident they likely would have had insurance in the first place. Still, the right legal counsel could help you not only obtain a judgment against the responsible driver but also recover compensation from them directly. While this route is not ideal, it has the possibility of helping you recoup some if not all of your losses.  

Rely on a dedicated injury attorney 

Regardless of whether the other driver is insured or not, it is critical that you seek out experienced legal counsel right away. The attorneys at Ellis Injury Law have an extensive background in personal injury claims. We can assist you in pursuing compensation from the insurance company, the other driver, or anyone else who could be involved. To learn more about your options, contact Ellis Injury Law right away to schedule a free consultation.