What are the most common types of car accidents?

What are the most common types of car accidents?

There are countless circumstances under which a motor vehicle accident could occur. That said, most of these collisions fall into a small number of car accident categories. These accidents are generally categorized by the area of the vehicle involved in a crash.  

While the facts of your car accident are important, a skilled attorney could assist you regardless of the specific nature of your crash. Before you pursue a personal injury claim, it is vital that you first discuss your options with Los Angeles car accident attorneys. Your attorney can review the facts of your case and explain your odds of successfully recovering compensation. Contact Ellis Injury Law to get started.  

Rear-End collisions 

The most common form of an auto accident is known as a rear-end collision. These crashes occur when the front of one car collides with the rear of another. Rear-end crashes are most common at intersections. Typically, the rear driver fails to notice the front driver is slowing or has come to a stop and fails to avoid a collision. Despite the frequency with which rear-end accidents occur in intersections, they can also happen elsewhere. 

Many rear-end accidents are low-speed collisions. Despite earning a reputation as a “fender bender,” rear-end accidents are routinely anything but minor. At high speeds, these crashes can result in fatal injuries. Even low-speed accidents have the potential to cause serious injuries.  

Side-Impact collisions 

A side-impact crash occurs when a driver is hit on the side of their vehicle. These accidents generally come in two forms. The first type of side-impact crash is known as a broadside collision. The second type is known as a T-bone collision.  

A broadside accident occurs when the side of one vehicle strikes the side of another. Also known as a “sideswipe,” a broadside crash typically occurs when two drivers are traveling parallel while heading in the same direction. The most common example involves a motorist changing lanes without realizing another driver is next to them.  

A T-bone accident occurs when the front end of one car strikes the side of another. This type of crash earned its name due to the “T” shape the two cars make when viewed from above. These accidents have the potential for devastating injuries, as they often occur at high speeds. While T-bone collisions are common when drivers run red lights or stop signs, they also frequently occur when a motorist turns across traffic from a parking lot or side street.  

Either type of side-impact collision has the potential to cause serious injuries. Your team of car accident lawyers can assist you in proving the other motorist was liable following either type of side-impact crash.  

Front-End collisions 

A front-end collision occurs when the front ends of two vehicles strike each other. This is one of the most devastating types of accidents and frequently result in fatal injuries.  

Front-end, which are also known as head-on, collisions often involve two vehicles traveling opposite directions toward each other. When one or both drivers veers into the oncoming driver’s lane, a front-end crash can occur. When these accidents happen at high speeds, the impact can be devastating.  

Rollover accidents 

Unlike other types of accidents, rollovers do not earn their name for the area of the vehicle that was struck by another motorist. Instead, these accidents occur when a vehicle rolls end over end.  

Rollover accidents often involve only a single driver. Motorists that attempt turns at high speeds or lose control under harsh weather conditions could turn sideways and find themselves rolling end over end. 

These accidents can occur following a collision with another driver, too. T-bone accidents in particular are likely to cause a vehicle to roll. These accidents are frequently deadly given the limited ability of most vehicle roofs to absorb serious impacts.  

Discuss your car accident with an attorney 

When you are living with injuries from a car accident, you have the right to pursue legal action against any negligent person or entity that caused the crash. The good news is that you do not have to pursue legal action alone. Contact a car accident attorney from Ellis Injury Law to get started.