Should I accept the first offer from my insurance company?

Should I accept the first offer from my insurance company?

The hours and days following a car accident can seem like a blur. You may need emergency medical attention, you might have to speak with police, and you’ll probably have to deal with your insurance company. Making the right decisions during this time is crucial, but it can be hard to figure things out on your own. The good news is, Los Angeles personal injury lawyers are standing by 24/7 to hear your version of events and help you decide on the next steps. Schedule a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer from Ellis Law today, and make sure you have a talented and experienced attorney in your corner. 

If your insurance company’s first offer seems decent, you may feel inclined to take it. No one wants to deal with legal fees and complicated paperwork, and something is better than nothing, right? Not so fast. Insurance companies don’t make money by giving away more compensation than they have to. They may offer you money for emergency medical bills, but what about the future costs of treatment from lingering injuries? They may offer to repair your car, but what about missed hours on the job? Who will take care of living expenses while you recuperate? The truth is, it’s unwise to accept a settlement without seeking the advice of a lawyer. The only way you can be certain you’re getting the compensation you deserve is to go over the fine points of the accident, your finances, and your medical condition with an experienced attorney. 

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Meeting with one of our Los Angeles car accident attorneys from Ellis Law won’t cost you a thing. We know how expensive it can be to hire a lawyer, but we believe everyone should have top notch legal representation, even if they’re flat broke. Consultations with our partners are always free and confidential. If we decide you have a case, we’ll get to work right away with no upfront legal fees. We work on contingency fees, which means we don’t get paid a dime unless you win damages or agree to a settlement. The thought of hiring a lawyer can seem daunting, but that shouldn’t deter you. We strive to treat every prospective client like a VIP, no matter how small their case may be. If you’re too hurt to travel to our offices, we’ll gladly make an appointment to visit you in your home or care facility. 

If you’ve been hurt at no fault of your own, you have a right to seek damages 

Auto crashes are some of the most common events in Southern California that lead to lawsuits, though there are a number of other situations that warrant a consultation with a personal injury attorney. Businesses have a responsibility to maintain a safe space for their customers. If you’ve fallen due to unmarked wet floors, poorly lit walking areas, broken handrails or tripped over debris from construction that wasn’t properly disposed of, you may have the right to seek damages. Defective products cause a number of injuries every year, as do unsafe workplaces. Accidents happen, but often they happen because somebody was negligent. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s important to contact a lawyer right away. Though it’s best to start building a case as soon as we can, California state law does allow for a lawsuit to be filed years after the fact, depending on the nature of the accident. Don’t suffer through financial and physical hardship, and wonder what could have been. Sit down with a legal expert today. 

We’ve secured over $350 million in damages for our clients 

It’s a number we’re very proud of, and it’s a number that continues to grow. When your happiness, health, and livelihood are on the line, you need a legal team who has seen in all. In over 20 years of service, Ellis Law has tried cases ranging from simple fender benders to complex tort lawsuits that feature a number of plaintiffs. Set up a consultation and let us see what we can do for you.