If a drunk driver damaged my car will auto insurance pay?

If A Drunk Driver Damaged My Car Will Auto Insurance Pay?

The moments after being involved in a collision with a drunk driver can be some of the most confusing and devastating in your life. Although you were following all the rules of the road and the crash was no fault of your own, it’s little consolation for the serious damage your vehicle has likely sustained. You may have even been injured in the incident, possibly turning an unfortunate moment into a painful long-term ordeal. 

While you are certainly lucky to be alive after being the victim of a roadway collision with a drunk driver, your mind will eventually start to wander to the steep cost of automotive repairs and medical bills. Even worse, many victims are rendered unable to work while recovering from a drunk driving incident. Most people believe insurance will meet their needs when they are the victim in a crash with a drunk driver, but it isn’t always so clear-cut.  


Claiming Your Compensation

If there is little doubt your injuries and damages are the direct result of an encounter with a drunk driver, the good news is insurance companies are responsible for covering most, if not all, of your financial losses, which can also include lost wages. An injury settlement is the usual method of recourse in lieu of a trial, but even in these seemingly simple proceedings understanding your rights and responsibilities is essential to a positive outcome. 

Unfortunately, insurance companies will work to minimize their payout above all else and may attempt to take advantage of you with a lowball offer. They may also try to lower their liability in the incident by placing part of the blame on external factors such as improperly maintained road surfaces and may even try to shift the burden onto the victim by claiming they were traveling slightly over the speed limit or failed to properly signal. 


That’s why a competent personal injury attorney is essential to obtaining every dollar of the restitution you deserve when you are victimized by a drunk driver, and this area of practice is a specialty of Ellis Law. We have decades of combined experience ensuring our clients’ interests are fully represented, and we work with accident analysis specialists and private investigators that can paint a clear picture of the responsible driver’s role in the collision. 

A Multilayered Strategy 

The reality of these cases is that achieving the most favorable result possible can take time. Our Los Angeles team can work tirelessly to deliver the compensation you need to restore your life to a sense of normalcy as well as maintain your standard of living after the case is resolved. Even a relatively minor accident can cause injuries that are not immediately apparent at the scene, so we take a focus on uncovering the full extent of the damage. Our network of associates includes doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapy specialists that not only highlight the impact that the responsible driver’s negligence has had on your everyday life but also assist you in making a complete recovery.  

Another reason we employ such a meticulous approach in cases where our clients have been victimized by a drunk driver involves legally establishing their liability. Our Ellis Law Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can seek much more substantial restitution from insurance companies if the other driver has been convicted of or pled guilty to charges related to driving under the influence, as insurers will have much more to lose if the case is tried before a judge and jury. 


Beyond Limits

State law places a limit on how much an insurance company can pay in a drunk driving incident, and if several parties make claims against the same driver, the maximum amount that can be obtained through a claim will be lower for each victim. This means that if your damages were especially extensive, we can also file a civil suit on your behalf to ensure all your costs are covered. 

Seeking out the compensation to which you are entitled when you are the victim of an auto accident can become a tricky prospect, and the right legal advice can help you confidently navigate the road to recovery. If you have been involved in an accident, talk to one of the expert Los Angeles car accident attorneys at Ellis Law as soon as possible to learn more about your options.