How to Get Over a Car Accident

How to Get Over a Car Accident

Getting over a car crash is easier when you work with your healthcare team to address the mental and physical trauma inflicted by your accident. Exercise, encouragement, and empowerment are essential for enjoying the fullest possible recovery. 

PTSD and car crashes  

One of the things that make car wrecks so devastating is the mental trauma they inflict. While physical injuries are easy to spot, psychological suffering is less obvious. 

One of the problems that plague many auto accident survivors is post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Victims of automotive-related PTSD often feel “frozen” in the moment of their car crash. It’s as if they relive those same terrifying seconds over and over again. 

The good news is that PTSD is treatable. Here are some self-help strategies that have helped many sufferers to obtain relief: 

  1. Choose empowerment over helplessness: In other words, see yourself as a conqueror rather than as a victim. One way to do this is to talk to a Los Angeles car accident attorney about your options for obtaining compensation. Sometimes it only takes a little knowledge to banish a lot of anxiety. 
  2. Practice meditation or systematic relaxation: Your body and your mind function as an integrated whole. Inducing calm in your physical responses triggers similar feelings in your mental state. 
  3. Find a group of understanding, supportive people: It helps to talk to people who have been through experiences similar to yours. Support groups are available both online and in communities across the country. 

Helping your body to recover from the accident 

Mental suffering is only one aspect of the pain inflicted by a serious car crash. Physical injuries can also take a crushing toll on your overall well-being. 

Ultimately, this aspect of your recovery will be guided by the members of your healthcare team. But here are some general tips to help you get the most benefit from their efforts: 

  • Be an active participant in your recovery: This means not only following your doctor’s advice but also asking questions and taking steps to improve your health. For example, you can talk to your physician about starting an exercise program, one which will help you to feel better while acknowledging your current physical limitations. 
  • Use medications only as prescribed: Prescription medicines are one of modern life’s greatest benefits. But they can easily become addictive or even harmful when misused or abused. If you have any concerns about this topic, then talk them over with your healthcare provider. 
  • Get your medical advice only from reputable sources: The Internet is filled with both helpful information and outright disinformation. Fortunately, it’s usually possible to separate the good from the bad by checking the source for the claim. Does it come from a recognized healthcare authority like a major university or hospital? If not, then approach it with caution. 

Getting back behind the wheel 

It’s only natural to feel a little trepidation when driving for the first time after a serious auto accident. Here’s some tips for managing your unease about driving again: 

  • Take a supportive friend or family member along for the ride: Having another adult in the vehicle can help you to relax and feel confident about your ability to handle an automobile. 
  • Limit your trips to local destinations at first: Taking a cross-country jaunt is probably not the best idea right now. On the other hand, a short trip to the local convenience store or food market is a great way to start fresh.  
  • Brush up on your defensive driving knowledge: You’ll find plenty of helpful information online, at your local library, or from a qualified driving instructor. 

Legal matters 

They say that money is like oxygen. It’s not everything, but you can’t do anything without it. This is certainly the case when it comes to affording the care you need after an auto accident. 

Insurance companies and at-fault parties are worried about their own interests, not yours. That’s why you need the help of an Los Angeles car accident lawyer at this crucial time. Having a skilled attorney in your corner is the best way to ensure that you receive fair treatment. 

The legal team here at Ellis Injury Law has recovered more than $350 million for its clients over the years. Let us help you as well. Consultations are always free and someone from our office is available 24/7 for your convenience. Reach out to us today.