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Los Angeles Hit and Run Attorney

Hit and Run is a Crime

All California drivers are required to stop immediately at the scene of an accident, but in this large populated states we’ve seen a sharp rise in this type of crime.

The Los Angeles area particularly has the distressing distinction of leading the nation in hit-and-run collisions. These accidents are particularly notorious because of the nature and circumstances of these incidents. Many motorists on the California highways are uninsured and can can face jail time or heavy fines if found to be driving without the proper qualifications. Hence in a large city like Los Angeles many times fleeing the scene of an accident has become an easy out to escape criminal charges.

The Los Angeles car accident lawyers of Ellis Law are particularly outraged by hit and run accidents. In addition to helping hit and run victims and their families pursue justice and fair compensation for their losses, we also partner with community members and law enforcement agencies to help apprehend hit-and-run drivers and hold them accountable.

California Hit-and-Run Laws

Under California law, all motorists who are involved in an accident that results in an injury or death of a person must immediately stop at the scene and remain there until authorities arrive. California Vehicle Code 20001(a) states: “The driver of a vehicle involved in an accident resulting in injury to a person, other than himself or herself, or in the death of a person shall immediately stop the vehicle at the scene of the accident.”

Also, under Vehicle Code 20003, drivers involved in an injury accident must give the information to the police officer including name, current address and registration number of the vehicle. Most importantly, motorists are required to do what they can to provide assistance to the injured victims. This could be something as simple as calling 911. A number of hit-and-run victims suffer fatal injuries because they do not get the medical attention they need right away. In most cases, they are left to fend for themselves or to die by the person who hit them.

Hit-and-Run Statistics

According to the California Highway Patrol’s 2010 Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS), there were 141 fatal and 14,735 injury hit-and-run crashes statewide. During that same year, 147 people were killed and 19,009 people were injured in California hit-and-run collisions. A further breakdown of hit-and-run statistics shows that seven people were killed in head-on collisions, four were sideswiped, nine were rear-ended, 21 were killed in broadside accidents, 11 were struck by an object, four were killed in rollover accidents and 83 victims were pedestrians.

The Los Angeles Police Department and Los Angeles County Sheriff’s reported that the city saw 20,000 hit-and-run crashes just in the year 2012. According to local media reports, out of the 20,000 pedestrians, bicyclists or other motorists who were involved in hit-and-run collisions, 4,000 were injured or killed.

Celebrities in Hit-and-Run Accidents

Recently, Chris Brown, a famous celebrity, was involved in a hit and run accident. He fled the scene leaving the victim their to fend for herself. His claim is that he felt because of his star status that his own personal safety was under threat. This was not a smart move as his fleeing the scene eventually lead to charges being brought up. If you are involved in a car accident never run. It’s not only the smart thing to do, but it’s also shows that you understand that even though you be at fault. The other persons well being is also important to you.

Seeking Compensation in a Hit-and-Run Case

In most cases the at-fault driver can be held accountable for the victim’s medical bills, suffering and other related damages. This process becomes more complicated when the driver flees the scene of the crash. The authorities are not always able to track down and apprehend the at-fault driver, which leaves fewer legal options for the victim and the victim’s family.

Victims of California car accidents may file an injury claim against the at-fault driver to receive financial compensation for their significant losses. Typically, it is the victim and his or her family that suffers after a hit & run collision. They go through tremendous emotional and financial pressures in the aftermath of such an incident. Ideally, the negligent driver’s insurance will cover the victim’s medical bills and other financial, physical and mental losses. There are, however, legal options available when the at-fault driver is not apprehended or has not been found. If you have uninsured motorist coverage, you may be able to pursue compensation from your own insurance provider.

If you’ve been the victim of a hit and run accident please call the police immediately and then call us at 310-641-3335. These type of accidents require you to get the best legal representation so that justice can be provided for you and your family.