Rear Ended on the Shoulder of the Highway - Do I Need a Lawyer?

Do I Need A Lawyer If I Was Rear Ended On The Shoulder Of The Highway?

The situation is fairly common: You blow a tire and pull over to the shoulder to change the flat. Suddenly, another motorist plows into your vehicle. Did you have your hazard lights on? Did you pull over far enough to allow traffic to safely pass? Was the other motorist distracted or intoxicated? Many questions will spiral through your head. You’ll have to make a police statement and may need emergency medical attention. As soon as you are able, you should contact a Los Angeles car accident lawyer from Ellis Law.


Should I Call A Lawyer If Somebody Rear Ended Me On The Shoulder Of The Highway?

There’s no doubt about it, if you’ve been involved in this kind of accident you need legal representation. There are two very important reasons why. First off, you should be prepared for the other driver to try and pin the accident on you. They may say that you didn’t pull over far enough to the side, stopped abruptly, or failed to make yourself visible to oncoming traffic. You need an experienced personal injury attorney on your side to help iron out the details of the case and establish fault. Secondly, even if the other driver admits to causing the accident, their insurance company will probably try to offer you as little compensation as possible. With a strong legal team in your corner, you can fight for the damages you deserve.

Build A Rock Solid Case With A Determined Lawyer At Your Side

Schedule a free and confidential consultation with a Los Angeles-based attorney today, and explain the events surrounding your accident. Sitting down with a legal pro costs you nothing and is the only way to determine whether or not you have a strong case. We’ll map out the scene and use eye-witness accounts, police reports, and statements from the other driver to nail down exactly what happened. We may even be obtain cell phone records that can prove the liable party was texting or surfing the internet at the moment of the crash.


No Upfront Legal Fees

Ellis Law believes the good folk of Southern California should have top-notch representation, whether or not they can afford an expensive attorney out of pocket. If we decide you have a winning case, we’ll get to work with no upfront legal fees. We work completely on contingency fees, meaning that our payment is contingent on you winning a verdict, or negotiating a fair settlement. We have a track record of proven results. We win 99% of our cases, and have secured over $350 million for our clients. In the extremely unlikely event you should lose your case, you won’t owe us a penny. Don’t let a lack of funds, or anxiety over the thought of massive legal fees prevent you from contacting a lawyer. Set up a free consultation today and make sure your rights are protected. If you’re too hurt to travel, do not worry. We can make a time to meet you at your home or care facility.

Cash Compensation For Your Injuries

The other party’s insurance company may offer you money to fix your car, but what about your other expenses? Emergency medical care can be extremely expensive, and you may be left with lingering injuries that will require future doctor’s visits. Missed days or weeks at work can lead to missed rent or tuition payments and mountains of credit card debt. If your accident was caused by another driver’s negligence, they may rightfully owe you cash compensation to cover all of these expenses. Don’t let a sudden accident that wasn’t your fault ruin your bright future. With a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer from Ellis Law, you can begin to put your life back together.


Personal Injury Law Covers More Than Auto Accidents

Though accidents on the road are some of the most common cases in the L.A. area, there are other types of lawsuits that can result in a cash settlement or jury verdict. Slip and falls caused by wet floors or construction areas happen all the time. If you’ve taken a tumble on someone else’s property due to a faulty railing, uneven steps, or poorly maintained walking surface, you may also have a case. From injuries caused by defective products to wrongful death that results from nonprofessional EMT or police work, Ellis Law is committed to fighting for your rights.