Can I sue if I was a passenger in a car accident?

Can I sue if I was a passenger in a car accident?

Being involved with a car accident as a passenger can feel especially unfortunate. You may sustain injuries, or even be left to suffer lifelong consequences due to events completely beyond your control. That’s why victims of roadway collisions in Los Angeles and the surrounding area should get in contact with one of the car accident lawyers at Ellis Law as soon as possible to get the experienced legal guidance they need to reclaim their quality of life. 

You are the victim 

In the aftermath of an accident you may feel fortunate to be alive, but in many cases the incident itself is just the beginning. Immediate injuries as well as unseen damage can saddle you requiring painful treatment along with an extensive recovery period. More major injuries such as broken bones, muscle tears, and nerve damage can even make a permanent impact on your lifestyle.  

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the driver of the car you were in, the other driver, the condition of either vehicle, or the condition of the roadway, the nearly indisputable fact is that when you are a passenger in a car accident, none of the blame can be placed on you. Instead, liability for the collision rests with one of the motorists involved or an outside party such as a road crew or pedestrians, meaning you are likely entitled to compensation. 

The compassionate team at Ellis Law specializes in representing the rights of accident victims in their hour of need. We can work on your behalf to identify the party or parties responsible for your injuries as well as file claims against any insurers or third parties involved. Our attorneys and legal staff will fight for every dollar of restitution you deserve, because we believe our clients should never suffer due to the negligence of another person. 

Time-sensitive recourse 

Every decision matters when you are involved with an auto accident as a passenger. Injuries from the collision may not make themselves apparent until days, weeks, or even months after the incident, and the extent of your injuries may eventually leave you unable to work or pay your medical bills. For this reason, it is imperative to seek medical attention when you are involved in an auto accident regardless of if you initially walk away feeling fine.  It is also important to reach out to a car accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Documenting all injuries and damage as soon as possible after an accident allows you to build a strong case for compensation from an insurance company. Insurers will often do everything in their power to minimize their liability for the policies they provide, and the more directly your ongoing issues can be linked to the collision, the more impossible to ignore your right to restitution becomes. 

Another time-sensitive aspect of a case involving an injured passenger is in establishing the responsible party’s role in causing the accident. Our resources include collision scene reconstruction professionals, work site analysts, and private investigators that can meticulously review the facts and gather information from eyewitnesses to paint a clear picture of the events that unfolded while all the details are still fresh. 

A personal approach 

Our legal team can always tailor our strategy to your needs. While many of the cases we take settle out of court, our team shares decades of combined courtroom experience and will pursue your claim as far as necessary. Unlike with less experienced firms, an Ellis Law personal injury lawyer will never sacrifice your best possible outcome for a quick and unsatisfactory settlement.  

Everything we do as a firm is aimed at restoring our clients to wellness as well as ensuring they are never held responsible for a driver’s lack of foresight. Our extensive network of physicians, chiropractors, and physical therapy personnel can help you navigate the road to recovery while we seek out the compensation you need to rebuild your life.  

When you are involved with a car accident as a passenger, your life can change in an instant. If you or a loved one have been the victim of a roadway collision, talk to the experienced Ellis professionals in the Los Angeles area to learn more about your options.