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Can car insurance companies request medical records?

Recovering from the physical injuries and emotional distress that can result from a major roadway collision can be challenging enough but navigating the complex process of dealing with insurance companies can make every day even more difficult. That’s why the team of attorneys at Ellis Law specialize in delivering the guidance and support you need in the wake of an auto accident that results in a trip to the hospital. 

Insurance companies do not have your best interests at heart

It is important to understand that the main focus of an insurance company is not ensuring the welfare of accident victims but rather, protecting their bottom line by working to lower their liability whenever possible. That means any information the policy provider obtains from you will be used for that purpose. While providing medical records related to the incident may seem to make sense, you should never allow an insurance company to access your records without speaking with one of the expert car accident lawyers in your area. 

The most common justifications used by providers to minimize their responsibility for fulfilling their policies include pre-existing conditions and questionable evaluations of treatment deemed necessary for your recovery. Records from doctors, nurses, and other medical staff are the most reliable method of showing the harm caused by the incident. Some insurance companies keep doctors on staff to provide alternative interpretations of these records.  

Another common mistake made by accident victims is providing authorization to access their private medical files. If they are given the opportunity, insurance companies will spend countless hours analyzing your current condition as well as your full medical history for any data that could help them avoid giving you the compensation you deserve. They can even use information unrelated to the accident to deny responsibility for your injuries. 

An even more nefarious reason insurance companies request medical records from accident victims is to determine whether they can properly pursue a claim or lawsuit. Insurance companies typically only provide fair restitution for injury claimants when they are left with no other option, and an unrepresented accident victim providing their own medical records gives them all the leeway they need to completely control the outcome of any claim against them. 

Protect yourself and hire legal experts

For your medical records to be valid for consideration in legal proceedings, they must be handled and processed in a very specific way from the start of the process. Medical records received directly from an accident victim are a clear signal to the provider that the claimant does not have a competent personal injury lawyer representing their interests, giving them the freedom to pressure them into a small settlement or even deny responsibility outright. 

Your medical records represent some of the most powerful evidence in your claim against the driver who caused the collision and should never be given to a party that is not directly working on your behalf. Only an experienced personal injury lawyer should be trusted with the management of your medical records after an accident that has left you injured. Every member of the Los Angeles Ellis Law staff is committed to providing you this essential representation. 

How Ellis Law can help you

Ellis Law can put decades of combined experience into action for you when you have been injured in an auto accident. We will work with you to make the best decisions about maintaining the privacy of your medical records, only releasing them to the appropriate parties when it is absolutely necessary to promote the best possible result for you. 

Our attorneys understand the importance of fair compensation to accident victims, who may be forced to pay exorbitant medical bills or even be left unable to work because of their injuries. The right legal counsel is the difference between getting the restitution to which you are entitled and being stuck with the consequences of another party’s negligence. Everything we do as a firm is aimed at providing this quality of representation. 

Many drivers believe that insurers are working in their favor, but the reality is that when you are injured in a collision, a capable attorney is your only line of defense against the efforts of an insurance company to get out of giving you the tools you need to get your life back on track. Every decision matters after an accident, so call the caring and compassionate staff at Ellis Law to take the first steps toward a successful claim and recovery.