Los Angeles Birth Injury Attorney

Los Angeles Birth Injury Lawyer

A severe birth injury affects your child’s life and the life of your entire family.  If your child suffered a birth injury, you need the advice of an experienced Los Angeles birth injury attorney like those at Ellis Law.

At Ellis Law, our birth injury attorneys are committed to helping families who need compassionate, committed legal help to hold negligent or careless medical providers responsible for mistakes that leave children severely injured.  The legal team at Ellis Law is:

  • Dedicated and determined to help you recover the resources necessary to secure the best possible future for your child;
  • Prepared to go to trial in the event a doctor or hospital is unwilling to come to a just and reasonable settlement for your child’s birth injury; and
  • Successful in procuring millions of dollars for victims of medical malpractice and other personal injury accidents.

Speak with Ellis Law’s birth injury attorneys today in a confidential, no-obligation consultation.  We can help to make a difference in your life and the life of your child.  While no amount of money can compensate you for your child’s birth injury, a civil claim can prevent similar injuries from happening to other families in the future

An Experienced Birth Injury Attorney Can Help

A birth injury attorney is an integral part of any birth injury claim.  Birth injury cases are complex medically and legally and take a seasoned legal team with vast resources to pursue vigilantly and diligently.  At Ellis Law, our birth injury attorneys are ready to tackle your legal claim and place you on a similar legal footing as any doctor or health care facility.

Contact Ellis Law now for an evaluation of your case.  Our experienced birth injury attorneys will thoroughly review your claim information for validity, then proceed to:

  • Collect additional evidence, including any medical documents and witness statements;
  • Consult and hire any needed experts;
  • Handle all insurance company and creditor correspondence;
  • Attempt to reach a fair and just settlement with any insurance company(s); or
  • Begin civil litigation.

To learn more about the birth injury claim’s process, call Ellis Law.  One of our attorneys will gladly answer your questions at a complimentary appointment and advise you of any legal options available to you and your family.

What Is a Birth Injury?

A birth injury is any form of injury occurring to a child during birth and ranges from minor bruising to severe brain damage.  A birth injury may be the result of medical malpractice or a natural or environmental condition.  More than 28,000 birth injuries occur every year.

What Are the Most Common Birth Injuries?

The ten most common birth injuries involve:

  1. Head injuries and brain injuries due to the use of forceps or doctor negligence in recognizing fetal distress;
  2. Fractured bones – clavicle or collarbone due to a difficult or breech birth;
  3. Cerebral palsy, a disorder characterized by muscle spasms, lack of motor development, and problems with vision, hearing, and learning;
  4. Spinal cord injuries because of traumatic nerve or spinal cord damage possibly causing paralysis and/or neurological problems;
  5. Brachial plexus injuries, or damage to the nerves that go from the upper spine through the neck, shoulder, arm, and hand;
  6. Cephalohematoma, a collection of blood below the skull bone;
  7. Facial paralysis where the facial nerve is damaged, either temporarily or permanently;
  8. Caput Succedaneum, the swelling of the scalp, generally caused by excessive pressure during birth;
  9. Intracranial hemorrhage/subarachnoid hemorrhage, which includes bleeding in the skull under the two innermost layers possibly leading to long-term neurological problems; and
  10. Perinatal Asphyxia, or the deprivation of oxygen to the newborn, frequently due to a twisted umbilical cord.

Many of the above birth injuries are the result of medical malpractice and are not apparent at birth.

Contact an Experienced Los Angeles Birth Injury Attorney

If you suspect your child’s birth was improperly handled and your child suffered a birth injury, contact the knowledgeable birth injury attorneys at Ellis Law as soon as possible.  We understand how devastating a preventable birth injury can be to a family.

Ellis Law’s Los Angeles personal injury attorneys realize the hardship your family is facing, and we are dedicated to providing you with responsible, professional legal services.  We believe that medical professionals should be held to the highest possible standards and will guide you in seeking justice and fair compensation for your suffering.