What is the Best Treatment for TBI?

The best treatment for a traumatic brain injury (TBI) depends on the seriousness of the injury and the individual circumstances. Moderate or severe TBI will require rehabilitation as part of the treatment program. The costs of such treatment are enormous.  

Many TBIs are not the fault of the victim but occurred because of someone else’s negligence or criminality. That is true of TBIs resulting from car accidents, assaults, slip and falls, and more. A Los Angeles traumatic brain injury lawyer at Ellis Injury Law knows fights so that you receive the compensation you need to receive the best treatment. Our dedicated attorneys have recovered more than $350 million for clients in verdicts and settlements.  

Mild TBI treatment 

A mild TBI, also known as a concussion, may not require much treatment per se. Most people will recover within a few weeks. However, anyone losing consciousness after a blow to the head should seek prompt medical treatment. 

If you continue experiencing TBI symptoms after a head injury resulting from another party’s negligence, the insurance company will likely deny the claim if there was no initial medical evaluation. The insurer will allege the TBI was not caused by the insured.  

Treatment for a mild TBI includes rest, the use of over-the-counter medications for pain control, and avoiding strenuous activities until the injury heals. The latter is crucial because if the patient suffers another TBI prior to fully recovering, death from second impact syndrome is a possibility.  

Moderate TBI treatment 

A person with a moderate or severe TBI may need diuretics to reduce brain swelling. Since seizures frequently accompany moderate to severe TBIs, anti-seizure medication is usually given immediately after the accident as a preventive measure. If seizures do occur, the patient receives anti-seizure drugs on a continuous basis.   

Treating the severe TBI 

Severe TBIs may require emergency surgery. The patient may need skull fracture repair or removal of any skull fragments in the brain. A surgeon may open a “window” in the skull to relieve pressure.  

Surgery may prove necessary to stop bleeding in the brain. Hematomas, or blood clots, are common, and surgery is required to remove them.  


Moderate and severe TBI victims must relearn some of the most elementary skills, including walking and talking. They work with physical therapists, speech pathologists, neuropsychologists, occupational therapists, and others on their journey to a new normal.  

traumatic brain injury attorney knows that the road to recovery for someone with a moderate or severe brain injury is long and arduous. Unfortunately, a significant percentage of serious TBI victims never recover sufficiently to live a normal, independent life. The parties liable for your injuries should pay for your ongoing medical and rehabilitative treatment as well as medical devices, home modification, nursing home care, and the related realities of living with a TBI.  

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