What are the Three Types of TBI?

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) involve different levels of severity. Most people recover from a mild TBI in a matter of weeks,  but a moderate or severe TBI may result in long-term impairment. 

The type of TBI depends on whether the impact was caused by blunt trauma or penetration. Each TBI is unique, and many victims may have more than one type of TBI.  

Recovering from a moderate or severe TBI, if possible, is a long and arduous process. A Los Angeles traumatic brain injury lawyer at Ellis Injury Law will hold those responsible for your TBI liable so you may receive the maximum compensation you deserve.  


The mildest type of TBI is a concussion. Falls, sports accidents and car crashes are the most frequent concussion causes. Concussion symptoms include: 

  • Headache 
  • Concentration difficulties 
  • Dizziness 
  • Fatigue 
  • Memory loss 
  • Vision issues  

While concussions generally resolve within a month or so, some people are affected much longer.  

Brain contusion  

Contusions are bruises on the brain. It is the leaking of the damaged blood vessels into the brain that can cause serious issues. 

Contusions are divided into coup or contrecoup injuries. In the former, the brain is injured in the impact area. In the latter, the injury occurs on the opposite side of the impact.   

Some brain contusions are mild and recovery is relatively rapid. In other cases, the outcome is a permanent disability.  

Penetrating injuries 

An item piercing the skull and making contact with the brain is a penetrating injury. The object itself does not necessarily touch the brain, but skull fragments, hair, and the like come into contact with it. While a penetrating injury may harm large or small areas of the brain, it is always an emergency. 

A penetrating TBI is also known as an open TBI. Symptoms depend on the part of the brain affected.  

Common causes of penetrating brain injuries include: 

  • Assaults 
  • Falls 
  • Gunshots 
  • Motor vehicle accidents  
  • Sports injury with excessive force 

TBI levels 

The level of a TBI is often determined by how long the victim was unconscious. In a mild TBI, the person may not lose consciousness and is never unconscious for more than a few minutes. 

With a moderate TBI, the loss of consciousness may last for a few hours. These brain injuries may cause long-term or permanent damage. 

A severe brain injury involves profound changes. With such a TBI, loss of consciousness may last six hours or more. Few severe TBI victims fully recover.  

traumatic brain injury attorney knows that a moderate to severe TBI affects every aspect of life. Ongoing physical, cognitive, and emotional issues are part of dealing with a TBI, and these issues may worsen rather than improve with time.  

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Even a mild TBI can mean weeks off work or the inability to perform certain tasks. More serious TBIs may prove life-altering. If you or someone you know suffered a TBI because of someone else’s negligence or deliberate actions, contact the experienced Los Angeles accident lawyers at Ellis Injury Law. We offer free consultations, which you can arrange by submitting our online form or calling or texting 24/7.  

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