Hip Injury

If you or a loved one suffered a hip injury in an accident due to another person’s reckless actions or negligence, you may be eligible for significant compensation. Hip injuries run the gamut from bursitis and dislocation to hip strain and full-blown fractures. Trauma to any part of the hip can be extremely painful and limit mobility considerably. 

Unfortunately, serious hip injuries are all too common in Southern California. While people over the age of 65 are at the highest risk of suffering a fractured or injured hip, accidents can happen to anyone. Ellis Injury Law can determine if you have a viable personal injury case.    

Our award-winning legal team can help you understand your options and the best way to seek money damages against negligent parties.  Discuss your rights with a Los Angeles accident lawyer during a confidential consultation.  

Possible causes of hip injuries 

Damage to any part of this ball-and-socket-joint or the surrounding muscles, tendons, and ligaments can lead to pain, stiffness, and inflammation. At Ellis Law, our veteran attorneys have vast experience handling hip injury and pelvic fracture claims arising from: 

  • Slip, trip and fall accidents 
  • Motor vehicle collisions 
  • Workplace and construction accidents 
  • Pedestrian and cyclist knock-downs 
  • Motorcycle-car crashes 
  • Large truck accidents 

Life-threatening complications from hip fractures 

If you are experiencing discomfort in your hip after an accident, it’s important to seek medical care immediately. This is especially true for older people, as bones begin to weaken with age, making seniors very prone to hip fractures. A hip fracture is one of the most painful injuries, and complications can prove life-threatening

Because hip fractures take months to heal, victims are usually immobile for long stretches of time, making them more susceptible to: 

  • Bedsores 
  • Blood clots in the legs (deep vein thrombosis) 
  • Infection 
  • Pneumonia 
  • Increased risk for re-fracture 
  • Muscle atrophy 
  • Urinary tract infections 

Half of all a hip fracture patients are unable to resume an independent lifestyle after their accident, reports the Mayo Clinic.  Signs and symptoms of a fractured hip can vary from person to person. Most people experience stabbing pain in their groin and hip region and are unable to put any weight on the affected leg. There may be swelling around the pelvis, and the leg on the injured side may angle outward slightly. 

We fight for maximum compensation 

A serious hip injury, such as a fracture, generally requires immediate hospitalization, surgery, rehabilitation, and consultations with orthopedic specialists. All of these expenses can add up, undermining the financial stability of victims and their families.

Our Los Angeles catastrophic injury lawyers know how to pinpoint at-fault parties and build a strong claim that demands fair money damages for losses such as: 

  • Ambulance service and ER treatment 
  • Medical expenses –surgery, doctor’s visits, diagnostic tests, medication 
  • Physical therapy and ongoing rehabilitation 
  • Wheelchair or other mobility aides 
  • Out-of-pocket expenses from the accident 
  • Loss of income 
  • Pain and suffering 
  • Loss of quality of life 

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