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Lomita Truck Accident Lawyers

Lomita residents are no strangers to traffic on the freeways. Due to the this, you may be subject to the emotional, physical and financial trauma after a truck accident. In the event that you or someone you love is injured in a accident, you are going to need the help of an experienced Lomita truck accident lawyer.  

The accident attorneys at Ellis Law Corporation will guide you through the process of fighting for justice and compensation after a truck accident, be it in a courtroom or through a settlement negotiation. Our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can effectively and tenaciously work all aspects of your case, from assessing the accident to negotiating or trying the case in court.  

Call a lawyer right away  

It’s vital that you call a Los Angeles truck accident lawyer as soon as possible after an accident. Truck accidents are very complex, and require an experienced and deft hand when it comes to their intricacies. You need legal advice as soon as possible to make sure that you aren’t taken advantage of by the insurance companies or trucking company.  

Your lawyer will be able to guide you through the first steps in your case all the way to its completion. It’s vital that you contact a lawyer right away, ideally immediately after you receive any necessary medical treatment. That way, your lawyer can get started on going over your case, investigating the accident, and analyzing the evidence to work out a plan to get you the maximum possible compensation.  

Investigating the accident  

All involved parties in any truck accident will conduct their own investigation into the accident, including the trucking company, police, insurance companies, and the victim. These investigations including going over police reports, interviewing eyewitnesses, watching CC TV footage, reviewing truck maintenance reports, and going through the truck inventory and packing logs.  

As every party has a different interest in the case outcome, it’s important that your lawyer works quickly and diligently to develop your case based on the evidence. The sooner your lawyer begins the investigation, the better, as evidence from truck accidents often doesn’t last forever.  

Negotiations and trials  

After going over the evidence and making a case, your attorney will either negotiate a settlement with the defendant out of court, or will take the case to court. Sometimes a settlement out of court is better, as they can move quickly and can get you your money faster. However, sometimes the defendant is only willing to settle for a small amount, and you need to take them to court to get the compensation you deserve.  

No matter which way the case goes, you need an experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorney like those at Ellis Law. Our Lomita truck accident lawyers will be with you every step of your case, from the initial free consultation all the way to a settlement or trial. Reach out to an Ellis Lomita truck accident lawyer today.