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Llano Wrongful Death Lawyers

The death of a loved one is painful for any family, but when that death was due to another person’s negligent actions, the loss can be traumatizing. At Ellis Law, our Llano wrongful death lawyers have helped countless clients hold negligent parties responsible for their mistakes or intentional malicious actions through financial reparations.  

Incidents that can be considered wrongful deaths 

Wrongful deaths are essentially any death that could’ve been avoided had another person or party taken appropriate actions to reduce, remove, or warn of hazards, or hadn’t acted in a reckless or malicious way that caused harm. 

Common cases we see are: 

  • Intentional harmful acts that resulted in death such as street fights, homicides, etc. 
  • Exposure to chemicals, poisons, toxins, and other contaminants through work or home environments, products, water, etc. 
  • Defective equipment or products  
  • Medical malpractice from a doctor, nurse, surgeon, etc. 
  • Firearms, either through intentional actions or through a failure to properly secure them 
  • Drunk, distracted, or reckless drivers that resulted in a lethal auto accident 

There are many other scenarios that could be considered a wrongful death. The personal injury lawyers at Ellis Law will help you determine whether or not your loved one’s situation may be eligible for a lawsuit through our completely free consultation.  

How a settlement can help your family 

The unexpected death of a family member can cause devastation to a family in many different ways. Not only must you have to face the reality of losing the person you loved, but you must undergo the stress and suffering of learning to manage a household without their help, paying for funeral expenses, and undergoing other costly and painful life changes. While a settlement can never correct the mistakes made that led to the wrongful death of your loved one, it can help to ease some of the burdens that are associated with such losses.  

Some of the ways that a wrongful death settlement might help you and your family are: 

  • Cover the expenses of funerals, cremations, and other memorial services 
  • Establish a donation fund in honor of a young child or loved one 
  • Pay for the additional household services needed such as childcare in the absence of a parent, spouse, or domestic partner 
  • Compensate for emotional and mental trauma suffered by the surviving family members and cover the cost of professional therapy 
  • Replace household income that was previously earned by the deceased loved one 

There are many ways that a settlement can help you and your family find some comfort and relief as you adjust to a life without your loved one. Your wrongful death lawyer from Ellis Law will dig deep into all of the ways you and your family have been and will be impacted by the loss.  They will work hard to help you get the most amount of compensation possible.  

Choosing a law firm that cares 

When it comes to filing any lawsuit, choosing a Llano wrongful death attorney with experience and success in handling such cases is extremely important. Our Llano wrongful death lawyers have more than 25 years of experience winning wrongful death and other personal injury lawsuits and have won more than $350 million in settlements for their clients.  

You’ll also be choosing a personal injury attorney that cares about the well-being of you and your family and will never charge for their services until your money has been won. Call our law offices today for your free consultation and see how we can help you find a little bit of justice in your loss.