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Littlerock Wrongful Death Lawyers

Losing a loved one due to the reckless or criminal behavior of another person or party is something we wish none of our clients had to face.  Still, it is something that continues to happen, creating grief, pain, and financial hardships for surviving family members. If someone you loved was the victim of wrongful death, don’t give up your right to fight for justice and hold liable parties responsible for their actions.  

Even if the person or organization is being tried in criminal court, you have a right to take liable parties to a civil trial where your Littlerock wrongful death lawyers will fight for the compensation you deserve.  

Filing a wrongful death lawsuit 

When a person acts in a way that causes death to another person, whether it is intentional or not, they can be held liable for those actions in both criminal and civil cases.  

Some examples of liable parties include: 

  • Drunk, distracted, and reckless drivers 
  • Companies that failed to implement proper safety protocols 
  • Unaddressed damage or other hazards on public or private property  
  • Failure to detect defective or hazardous equipment 
  • Knowingly exposing people to chemicals and toxins 
  • Failing to secure firearms from children or mentally unstable individuals  
  • Providing inadequate or harmful medical care 
  • Criminal acts such as robberies, muggings, violent attacks, and homicides 

In some cases, it may be easy to determine who is at fault. However, in the majority of cases, there are often a significant number of variables that occurred that led to the accident. The personal injury lawyers from Ellis Law understand the importance of a thorough investigation and will find the person or persons responsible for the incident and prove their negligence through the court of law.  

Claiming damages 

Once it is determined which party or parties are at fault for the premature death of your loved one, your Littlerock wrongful death lawyer must then demonstrate all of the ways in which that death has affected you, your family, and other surviving dependents. This helps to determine how much money you may be able to receive from the liable party. 

Examples of damages you may claim include: 

  • Funerals and memorial services 
  • Funds set up to honor a lost child or young adult 
  • Physical damage to property  
  • Medical treatments and equipment performed prior to death 
  • Pain and suffering of surviving family members 
  • The hiring of additional staff to assist in managing and maintaining the household  

Many clients include the above expenses along with additional expenses that are personally related to their loss. Your Ellis personal injury attorney will take the time to fully research all of the monetary impacts that are associated with premature death to make sure that you and your family are taken care of financially.  

Choosing an experienced Littlerock wrongful death attorney 

If you’ve lost someone due to the negligent actions (or lack of action) by an organization, individual, or a combination of the two, don’t trust your case to just any personal injury attorney. The Littlerock wrongful death lawyers from Ellis Law have more than 25 years of experience and have won more than $350 million in settlements for its clients. Plus, you’ll never be billed for our legal services until your case is won. Call for your free consultation today and see how we can help.