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Who is Liable for Los Angeles Auto Show Car Injuring Six?


November 28, 2016

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An inexplicable and sudden accident involving an auto show test vehicle has sent a group of people, including innocent bystanders, to the hospital.

The incident took place last Monday when a car being test driven at the Los Angeles Auto Show seemingly lost control before plowing onto a public street. The car hit a concrete planter. The resultant shards sprayed the area and injured a number of bystanders.

Driver and others injured

According to a fire department spokesman, emergency services examined a total of 15 people at the scene. Six of those, including the 24 year old driver and his passenger, were taken to the hospital with minor to moderate injuries. It has yet to be reported if anyone was actually struck by the car.

The accident took place outside the Los Angeles Convention Center just before 1:15 Monday afternoon. The unidentified driver of the car – a Fiat 500e with a “Drive today! At the auto show” decal – jumped a curb. The orange-red Fiat hit a potted plant. The damaged hood flew open and its windshield cracked. The pot shattered and concrete shards went flying in an area where pedestrians stood outside the center.

There have been unsubstantiated stories that the driver was unlicensed. Though no one associated with the auto show has made a public statement, the auto show website states that anyone that test drives a vehicle must have a valid driver’s license, must sign a waiver of liability and could be subject to a Breathalyzer test.

Sign away liability?

There are situations associated with risks where a waiver of responsibility is signed. It allegedly absolves certain parties of legal responsibility if a person volunteers to engage in an activity in which someone could get injured or cause damage.

No one can truly sign away responsibility for an incident in which someone is hurt. In this case, any number of parties can be said to be legally responsible. If unlicensed, the driver could be accountable for a portion of the incident. The event planner could be as well for not vetting the driver’s credentials. The event planner could also be held liable for allowing a test drive on a public street. If it is discovered some aspect of the vehicle – faulty engine, poor brakes – was involved, that opens up even more liability issues. These complicated liability issues prove how important it is to contact a skilled personal injury attorney if you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident.

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