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La Puente Truck Accident Lawyers

Ellis Injury Law represents Californians who have been injured in truck accidents of all types, including 18-wheelers, construction vehicles, semi’s, tractor trailers and large container trucks. For aggressive advocacy you can count on, contact our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers for a free initial consultation.

Legal guidance in truck accident claims

Our legal team has extensive experience litigating many types of truck and commercial vehicle accident claims stemming from:

  • Driver fatigue
  • Negligence
  • Traffic violations
  • Speeding
  • Distracted driving
  • Driver impairment from alcohol or drugs
  • Overweight trucks
  • Cargo that is improperly secured
  • Defective vehicle parts
  • Road debris
  • Driver inexperience/lack of training
  • Mechanical failures caused by lax maintenance

Skilled investigators, accident reconstructionists, engineers and medical experts routinely assist our La Puente truck accident lawyers, who are familiar with federal trucking regulations imposed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. By gathering solid evidence that identifies at-fault parties, we build strong claims that seek the highest damage award possible.

Insurance adjusters will attempt to pay as little as possible on trucking accident claims unless you have competent legal representation. Most personal injury cases settle without the need to litigate before a jury, and a Los Angeles truck accident lawyer knows how to negotiate the maximum settlement for your injuries and losses.

Tips for driving safely around large trucks

Big rigs can take 40 percent longer than the average passenger vehicle to stop. When sharing the road with 18-wheelers, consider the following safety tips for avoiding accident and injury:

  • Avoid blind spots – All large trucks have blind spots, known as “No Zones,” where smaller passenger vehicles literally disappear from view. These blind spots extend 20 feet in front  of the truck, angle out on both sides and up to 200 feet behind the rig. Rule of thumb: if you cannot see the driver’s face in the side mirror, then you are in a danger zone.
  • Allow plenty of room for wide right turns – Due to their size and length, large tractor trailers need extra space when making a turn. If you’re not careful and try and move past on the inside lane, your vehicle can be struck and pinned by the rear of the truck. If a truck has its turn signal on, be patient and do not attempt to pass.
  • Practice safe passing – When a truck passes you, reduce your speed and give the driver plenty of room to safely maneuver in front of you. When passing a big rig, it’s safer to do so from the left, where the driver can better see you.  Look for the truck in your rearview mirror before merging in front, to ensure adequate space.
  • Wear your seat belt – In California, all drivers and vehicle passengers are required to buckle up. In the event of a collision with a tractor trailer, this may save your life.

Speak to a La Puente truck accident attorney

Find out how a Los Angeles personal injury attorney from Ellis Law can help you achieve the most favorable outcome after a truck accident. Our lawyers work on contingency, so there are no upfront legal costs and we only get paid if a settlement or verdict is won in your case. Protect your rights to fair compensation; arrange a private consultation with our highly-credentialed truck accident attorneys today!