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La Puente Car Accident Lawyers

A roadway collision scenario can unfold without warning and potentially result in long lasting consequences for everyone involved. Damage to your vehicle can require thousands in repairs, and injuries can range from minor and mildly painful to severe and life altering. For these reasons, the La Puente car accident lawyers at Ellis Law focus on helping clients who turn to us in their most difficult hours are never made to pay the costs of another party’s negligence. 

Take immediate action 

The days immediately following an auto accident are critical to guaranteeing yourself the best possible outcome. Victims of a crash should always seek out medical attention as soon as possible, even if they initially feel fine afterward. Unseen injuries such as nerve damage and tears in your body’s soft tissue may not manifest themselves immediately but can cause more serious and debilitating issues later. Therefore, they should always be accounted for. 

Once you have received your preliminary medical prognosis, you should get in touch with the dedicated legal team at Ellis Law to ensure you are not left to navigate the road to recovery alone. Our resources in La Puente include accident reconstruction experts, private investigators, and other specialists that can use their skills to create a clear account of the events that took place as well as highlighting the responsible party’s role in the collision. 

Once we have built a comprehensive case, we can guide you through the most involved aspects of making your claim so that you can collect the compensation you deserve. Our staff has years of experience filing for restitution from insurance companies as well as actively connecting with the legal team representing the other party. We will do everything in our power to facilitate a thorough and satisfactory solution. 

Uncovering the Whole Story 

California state law follows the comparative negligence model, making the establishment of responsibility indispensable to our strategy for representation. Even if you have contributed in some way to the cause accident, such as driving over the speed limit, you may still be able to collect compensation for your injuries and other losses. Our team will work to evaluate every element of the incident, identifying any external factors that may have contributed to the crash. 

For example, if you were traveling through a red light at the time of the crash, but the other driver was found to be distracted by their smartphone, you may still be able to collect damages for your injuries. Other conditions such as slick road surfaces or unclear signage can also contribute to the cause of a collision, and an Ellis Law car accident lawyer can protect your interests by identifying these factors. 

The complexities of state law can make the process of being made whole after a roadway collision into a truly daunting prospect. This makes the right car accident attorney your most valuable ally in the aftermath of an auto accident. If you or a loved one have recently become the victim of a crash, every decision you make matters. Call our friendly and compassionate customer service team today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about your options.