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La Mirada Truck Accident Lawyers

La Mirada’s proximity to the Port of Long Beach inevitably leads to greater truck traffic in and around the city. When that traffic leads to truck accidents that cause property losses and injuries, the Ellis Injury Law Los Angeles personal injury lawyers provide personal and professional legal representation to individuals who have been injured in truck crashes in La Mirada and elsewhere in southern California. Our attorneys work tirelessly to recover the largest possible damages awards in all accident and injury cases.  

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The weight and momentum of a typical truck or commercial vehicle are greater than that of passenger cars. Because of this difference, accidents between trucks and cars can cause more extensive injuries to the car’s occupants. 

The accident and injury attorneys at Ellis Injury Law have recovered more than $350 million for their clients in all types of accident cases over the past twenty years. Our attorneys put that experience to work for you when you suffer serious injuries in a truck accident. 

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There will never be a convenient time to have an accident, but you can speak with a Los Angeles truck accident lawyer at any time of day or night when you call Ellis Injury Law. Our attorneys are available to consult with you about your case on your schedule, including evenings, weekends, and holidays.  

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You can call Ellis Injury Law and speak with a Los Angeles personal injury attorney for free. We never charge a fee for our initial consultations. If you retain us and we agree to represent you in your truck accident case, you will never receive an invoice for our fees and expenses. We earn our fees from the damages that we collect on your behalf. If we are unable to recover a damages award, you still owe us nothing.  

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Assigning liability in truck accident cases can be substantially more complicated than in other types of negligence lawsuits. A truck accident might be the result of a faulty mechanical system, in which case the manufacturer or installer of that system may bear some liability. Further, many commercial vehicles are owned by one party, are driven by another party, and are loaded and unloaded by different service companies. An experienced truck accident lawyer from Ellis Injury Law will examine all aspects of the truck’s ownership and operation to determine the correct parties that should be held liable for injuries and losses. We also know that commercial vehicles and the companies that operate them carry insurance with higher liability limits, and we leverage our knowledge and experience to recover larger damages awards for you. 

Ellis Injury Law: Personal injury lawyers for La Mirada and all of the Gateway Cities  

The accident and injury attorneys at Ellis Injury Law represent residents of La Mirada and all of its sister Gateway Cities when truck accidents leave those residents with serious injuries and financial losses. Please see our website or call us as soon as is possible after you have had a truck accident for more information on how you can recover maximum compensation for your present and future medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, disabilities, and other related costs and expenses.