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La Crescenta Bus Accident Lawyers

Sunny skies, soaring mountains, and safe streets: La Crescenta is an idyllic community home to many honest, hard-working people. Unfortunately, accidents can happen anywhere, and here is no exception. If you’ve been hurt in any type of accident that wasn’t your fault, you should contact experienced personal injury lawyers. If your accident involves a bus, it is of paramount importance that you work with professional legal counsel. The laws concerning bus accidents are very complex, and you’ll need attorneys who know the nuances of local, state, and federal law. La Crescenta bus accident lawyers are standing by, 24/7, to hear your side of the story. 

Determining liability in a bus accident 

Buses are large vehicles, and they pack a lot of momentum. Even a low-speed fender-bender can cause serious injuries. To ensure that buses operate safely, laws have been put in place that concern driver training and vehicle maintenance, as have specific rules about how they must be driven on the roads. Because of this, there are many people who may be responsible for an accident caused by a bus. Liable parties may include: 

  • The bus driver 
  • The bus company or municipality 
  • Mechanics who maintain the buses 
  • Companies who manufacture important parts 

Oftentimes, the cause of the accident is a mix of factors. Perhaps the bus driver was speeding, and the company skipped routine maintenance on the brakes to save a buck. Maybe the driver was operating safely, but the brake pads that were installed on the vehicle were faulty. A bus accident lawyer from Ellis Law can help you figure out who is to blame for your injuries.  

Consultation is always free 

At Ellis Law, we know how intimidating it can be to hire legal counsel, especially if you’ve never worked with a lawyer before. We offer free consultations to anyone in L.A. County who has been involved in a collision with a bus, and we strive to make the process as easy and simple as possible. We can go over the details of your accident and estimate a sensible compensation figure. You may not have a strong case, but the only way to know for sure is to speak with a professional. State law does allow for quite some time to pass before filing a legal motion, but we prefer to work with clients from as close to the accident date as possible. Please reach out to La Crescenta bus accident lawyers as soon as you are able. 

An elite legal team with no upfront fees 

Every personal injury attorney with Ellis Law works on contingency fees. This means we don’t get paid unless you secure damages. In the two decades we’ve practiced law in Southern California, we’ve won over $350 million in compensation for our clients. If we think you have a case, we’ll fight tirelessly to ensure that you receive the money you deserve, either through a negotiated settlement with the bus company and their insurers or in a court of law. Contact us today, and see what a talented La Crescenta bus accident attorney can do for you.