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LA Construction Worker Injured Falling 25 Feet into Concrete Tank

LA ambulance

January 18, 2017

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A construction worker was injured Tuesday shortly after 2 pm when he plunged 25 feet into a concrete cistern at a site in downtown Los Angeles.  Approximately 70 firefighters responded to the scene.  Rescuers were lowered into the tank and were able to carefully lift the victim pulling him to safety.

At the time, it was unclear how badly the worker was hurt although injuries to lower extremities were expected.  He was in pain during the rescue, but appeared to be alert and able to speak.  The victim was taken to a nearby hospital and treated for possible additional injuries.

Sometimes the root causes of a construction accident aren’t fully known until a legal team pores through all the details. Experienced LA construction attorneys at Ellis Law understand the physical, emotional and financial impact that construction accidents can have on workers and their families

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration keeps a record of safety violations, which could help build a case for a California construction accident lawsuit. While some situations may boil down to worker error, there are often underlying factors that contribute to a workplace accident.

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