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September 9, 2014

Ellis Law Corporation


A recent spate of traffic accidents in the Los Angeles news highlight how dangerous trying to get around the city can be. A 55-year old man was struck and died on the evening of September 1 after a Mercedes Benz sedan struck him while he was riding his bicycle on Bolsa Chica Road.

The driver of the car has been charged with drunk driving. A deputy was injured on the freeway in the early morning of the same day after returning an inmate to a detention center when her vehicle rolled over.

Whether an accident involves pedestrians, cyclists, or vehicles of any kind, it is crucial that the participants contact an LA personal injury lawyer who can ensure that they are fully compensated for their injuries or losses.

Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyers

Most bicycle accidents occur when a cyclist loses control of his or her bike; only a small number are the result of a collision with a car, as in the case above. Bicyclists can, however, sustain serious injuries in this way and should retain Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyers to protect their legal rights.

Bicyclists are obligated to follow traffic laws, just like other vehicles. However, if another motorist disobeys traffic regulations or is negligent and causes an accident, an attorney can gather critical evidence and make sure that liable parties are held accountable.

Legal recourse for drunk driver victims

Unfortunately, the cyclist in the first case did not survive his accident and it looks like a drunken driver may have been involved. His family would be advised to retain an LA drunk driver victim lawyer if they pursue a case against the driver of the Mercedes.

It might seem obvious that a driver who got behind the wheel of a car after too many drinks and caused an accident would be at fault. However, because California follows a comparative negligence approach to auto accidents, it may still be possible for a defense lawyer in a drunk driving case to try to make the argument that the victim played some role in causing the accident.   If a jury accepts such an argument, the victim will be held responsible for a percentage of the damages and his award will be reduced. For this and other reasons, it is important to retain an attorney who will anticipate and parry any such maneuvers on the defense’s part.

Advocacy for victims of serious personal injury

As in the recent freeway case, rollover accidents typically involve only one vehicle. Many factors may be involved in such an accident, but certain vehicles, such as some SUV models are particularly prone to rollovers due to poor design. Los Angeles vehicle rollover attorneys would likely investigate to determine whether the company that manufactured the car was negligent in its design and testing of the vehicle.

Based in Los Angeles, Ellis Law firm represents victims of vehicle and bicycle injuries of all kinds. We understand that each accident involves particular considerations, and can leverage our experience and understanding to make sure that our clients get maximum compensation for the injuries and damages that they have incurred.

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