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L.A. Police Beating Video Surfaces, Investigations Continue

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August 19, 2015

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The Los Angeles Police Department has launched an investigation into the use-of-force by one of its officers on a suspect. A short video clip, aired by KABC-TV, showed deputies striking Marvin Herrera as he lay face down on the ground. Officials report that the two deputies were responding to a 2AM call at 4200 block of Cesar Chavez Avenue. A woman, locked in the bathroom of a restaurant, was reportedly being harassed by her ex-boyfriend Herrera, who was thought to be carrying a knife.

The L.A. Sheriff’s Department states that as the two officers tried to pat down the suspect, Herrera managed to pulled away and then hit one of the deputies in the face with a skateboard. Officials say that Herrera also struck the second deputy in the head. The video of the police officers beating Herrera with a flashlight will be included as evidence as part of the ongoing investigation into the incident, said police department spokesperson Nicole Nishida in a statement.

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Physical abuse, use of excessive force and misuse of power on the part of law enforcement personnel all constitute civil rights violations. For over two decades, Ellis Law has been investigating and litigating claims arising from alleged incidents of police misconduct and abuse in California.

This year, our attorneys procured a $1.25 million wrongful death settlement in a case filed on behalf of the family of Arturo Cabrales, who was fatally shot by an LA sheriff’s department deputy after the officer entered his home. In addition to civil charges, the defendants are also facing criminal charges for allegedly planting guns at the scene and submitting false reports in a separate but alarmingly similar case.

Herrera pleads not guilty

In the case of Herrera, the Sherriff’s office states that the East LA resident was undeterred by pepper spray, and continued to struggle against the deputies as they tried to take him down.  The deputy ultimately used his flashlight to strike a prone Herrera several times, causing mild abrasions for which he was later treated.

For some people, the flashlight beating may conjure up memories of Rodney G. King, who was beaten by Los Angeles police officers in 1991. Since then, the LA Police Department has changed regulations about when and how officers can use their batons. But during heated chases and physical altercations, such regulations may have little impact on how deputies behave during adrenaline-charged moments.

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The 15-second video of Herrera’s beating by deputies is both troubling and disturbing to watch, though the sheriff’s department urges you to consider the entirety of the situation.

Law enforcement officials who exceed their authority to use force may be held liable for civil rights violations in California. Here at Ellis Law, we handle claims involving excessive force, police abuse, false arrest, unconstitutional search and seizure, unlawful shooting and wrongful conviction.

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