Is Uber or Lyft Cheaper in LA?

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May 25, 2018

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Whether you need transport to LAX, or a late-night pick-up from your favorite bar, rideshare services are fast, convenient and affordably priced. Uber and Lyft dominate the app-based ride service connecting passengers with drivers, and if you’re like most people on a budget, you’re thrilled to have an alternative to traditional taxi cabs.

The cost of rideshare services can vary widely from one area of the country to another, but when stacked against taxi rates, they are still much easier on the wallet.

According to fare data collected by RideGuru, a four-mile jaunt in Los Angeles will set you back an average of $25 if you take a conventional taxi. By contrast, that same four-mile trip would cost between $10 and $11 dollars if you requested an UberX or Lyft driver.

Besides the obvious convenience of hailing a local driver with the tap of a button, this price difference is what has fueled Lyft and Uber’s success, particularly on long-haul trips that typically cost more than $30.

Uber vs Lyft price comparison

If you live in the greater Los Angeles metro area and are wondering which ride hailing service is cheaper, there is no easy answer as it really depends on your destination and timing. Some residents who are daily commuters to Beverly Hills report better deals with Uber about 80 percent of the time.

What do you need to watch out for to score the best rates? Promotional opportunities for one. Every now and then, Lyft or Uber may offer a small 5-10 percent discount on their rates. Surge pricing is another factor to keep on your radar. This occurs during peak travel times when there are limited pools of available drivers and the demand is high.  Surge rates can turn a normally reasonable fare into hundreds of dollars if you’re caught off guard. This dynamic pricing structure has annoyed thousands of Uber and Lyft customers, whose fares doubled or tripled during prime travel hours.

Both companies have launched a feature on their app that calculates the estimated total fare upfront, giving passengers a concrete idea of the cost before they accept the ride. If you’re not in a hurry, there are a few strategies to get around surge pricing. You can wait out the surge zone hours, try walking a few blocks to another destination where surge pricing isn’t in effect, or even try upgrading your vehicle choice. Some people report that UberX, the most economical and popular option, is more prone to surge pricing. In some cases, an Uber Black may end up being cheaper than an UberX because they are not surging.

If you’re still in doubt about which is cheaper, there are several online fare calculator services that will give you cost comparisons for your journey using Uber, Lyft and a regular taxi.

Helping victims of ride sharing accidents

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