Irvine Bus Accident Attorney

Irvine Bus Accident Lawyer

Irvine City residents can benefit from the advantages of buses, especially with heavy traffic. Unfortunately, with this convenience comes the trauma, loss, and suffering that happens after a bus accident.  

If you’ve suffered an injury in a bus accident in Irvine City or the surrounding areas, you have a legal right to seek compensation from the responsible parties for your injuries, losses, and suffering. Our Irvine personal injury lawyers are committed to helping you get the justice and compensation you deserve. Our expert Irvine City bus accident lawyers have the knowledge and drive necessary to garner the best possible outcome for your case.  

With over 20 years of experience, our firm is ready to help you take on the negligent party or parties responsible for your losses. 

Who is responsible for bus accidents?  

Buses are big. Because of their size, buses can cause horrific crashes with serious injuries and property damage. But who is responsible in these cases? An experienced bus accident lawyer will be able to examine the evidence to help determine every possible defendant.  

Bus accidents have various causes and therefore can have different negligent parties depending on the circumstances. Some common defendants in bus accident personal injury cases are:  

  • Bus drivers 
  • Bus part manufacturers 
  • Bus driver supervisors 
  • Bus manufacturers 
  • Bus company 
  • Bus maintenance business 
  • Bus owner  
  • Bus stop property owner  

Though the defendants vary, it will always be the prosecution’s responsibility to prove that the defendant’s negligent acts were directly the cause of the accident and therefore the sustained injuries and losses.  

Sometimes, depending on the availability and strength of evidence, the defendant will settle a claim quickly out of court. Other times a settlement will not be possible, and you and your lawyer will have to take the case to court. Our lawyers will be by your side each step of the way. 

Possible bus accident damages  

Monetary compensation will not be able to heal your injuries or erase your trauma after a bus accident. However, money can go a long way towards easing the financial stress that can be brought on by a serious accident. What does monetary compensation help cover after a bus accident?  

While the damages vary case by case, bus accidents most commonly lead to compensation for:  

  • Medical bills 
  • In-home care 
  • Future medical bills 
  • Lost wages 
  • Loss of consortium 
  • Vehicle repairs 
  • Pain and suffering  
  • Court fees and costs 
  • Loss of enjoyment 
  • Permanent disability  
  • Wrongful death

How can I afford a lawyer?  

Many bus accident victims are worried about how they can possibly afford an Irvine City bus accident attorney. However, this worry is not necessary as Ellis Law offers experienced representation on a contingency basis.  

We do not collect any fees from you unless we win compensation on your behalf. This is also no up-front cost at all, as we offer free initial consultations. There are no surprise bills, hidden fees, or tricky contracts.  

Count on Ellis  

You can count on Ellis Law for expert and compassionate representation. Our Irvine City bus accident lawyers are standing by to help you get the justice and compensation you deserve for your losses. Reach out to a Los Angeles personal injury attorney today to schedule your free initial consultation.