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Investigators Seek Causes of Recent Deadly LA Car Crashes

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February 12, 2016

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On Saturday, Feb. 6, an elderly woman was killed and a child was injured in a four-car crash at the 1100 block of N. Edgemont St. in Hollywood. Authorities believe a silver SUV was stopped at a traffic light at the intersection of Fountain Ave., and Edgemont St., when it was struck by the woman’s black SUV. The immense force of the collision caused the two vehicles to join together and travel southbound for approximately one block before eventually separating.

The woman’s black SUV then hit two parked cars before flipping over onto its side. She died at the scene — and may have suffered a heart attack or other health crisis at the time of the crash — and a seven-year-old girl though to be her granddaughter was injured and taken to the hospital. The child’s injuries did not appear to be life-threatening.

Authorities have not determined if the woman was wearing a seatbelt. Road rage has been ruled out as a cause of the crash, but speed is considered to be a factor, as the black SUV was traveling fast enough to send both cars southbound on the residential street.

Two killed after speeding car drives into Boyle Heights home

The day after the tragic Hollywood accident, two people — including a pregnant woman — were killed and another was injured when they were fleeing a gunman and their car crashed into a Boyle Heights home.

The tragic incident began when a gunman in stepped out of his SUV and shot into another car near East Cesar E. Chavez Ave. and Echandia St. In an attempt to get away from the gunman, the car sped away from the scene and crashed into the home approximately five blocks later.

The momentum from the crash caused the front porch of the single-family home to collapse and took the entire building off the foundation. Investigators believe the house will be red-tagged, as the extensive damage made it unsafe for inhabitants. One person was inside the home at the time of the crash, but he was unharmed.

Street racing kills innocent man in Hawthorne

In January, a 36-year-old Benjamin Golbin was killed in Hawthorne after a street racer lost control of his vehicle, causing it to land on top of the man’s Honda. Around 1 p.m., on Friday, Jan. 15, a 23-year-old street racer driving a Chevrolet Cobalt was racing a Chevrolet Camaro going north on Crenshaw Boulevard, when he lost control of his vehicle. The Cobalt swerved across all lanes of traffic, slammed into the median and went flying into the air, ultimately landing on the Golbin’s Honda, which was heading southbound.

Surveillance from a nearby store showed the Cobalt completely rolling over the Golbin’s Honda, before eventually coming to a stop on the street. Golbin was pronounced dead on the scene and the driver of the Cobalt has been booked on murder charges. Police are searching for the second street racer.

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