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Inglewood Car Accident Lawyers

Inglewood is home to over 100,000 residents. With its proximity to the Los Angeles airport and its multiple sports venues, the City regularly attracts several thousand additional daily visitors, many of whom drive to or through the City. Car accidents that result in property losses and injuries are a fact of life as a result of this density. For more than twenty years, the Inglewood car accident lawyers at Ellis Law Corporation have represented individuals who have suffered losses and injuries in Inglewood car accidents, and have fought to recover the largest possible damages awards for those injured parties.

Retain the lawyers with proven success in car accident cases

You will substantially improve your chances of recovering the maximum amount of damages that may be available to compensate you for your injuries and losses when you hire a car accident lawyer that has a verifiable track record of success. Our attorneys have taken on the negligent parties that cause car accidents and their insurance companies and have won more than $350 million in damages for our clients.

You can speak with our lawyers at any time of day or night

Our attorneys are available to speak to you about your Inglewood car accident 24 hours a day and seven days a week. We know that car accidents do not just happen during daytime business hours, and that injured parties do not want to wait to get answers to their questions. Regardless of when you call Ellis Law Corporation, you will be able to speak with an experienced car accident attorney who will help you to assess and understand your options to recover damages for your losses and injuries.  

The initial consultation is free, and you never pay any out of pocket costs

Regardless of when you contact us, your initial consultation with one of our car accident lawyers is always complimentary. If we elect to represent you and you retain our firm, you will never be charged directly for our services. We earn our fee from the damages we recover, and you incur no out of pocket costs or expenses. If we are not able to recover damages, we will not bill you for our services.  

In our more than twenty years of representing car accident victims, we have seen every potential type of accident and all manner of injuries.

Our extensive experience in recovering damages for individuals who are injured in car accidents enables us to understand the real value of your injuries. We know that you may need more time to recover from your injuries than the negligent party’s insurance company is willing to admit. We use our experience in settlement negotiations and in trials to make objective arguments about the true costs and expenses that you will incur to recover from your injuries. The car accident attorneys at Ellis Law Corporation will fight tirelessly to get you the full amount of damages that you are entitled to receive.

Call the Ellis Law Corporation

Call the Inglewood car accident lawyers at Ellis Law Corporation any time of day or night and as soon as is possible after your accident. We will discuss the details of your accident at no cost to you, and we will give you clear and concise advice about your chances to recover damages for your losses and injuries.